Website Hosting Review ~ A Comparison between WA Hosting & Bluehost

Website Hosting ReviewWhat is website hosting?  Why do we need hosting and which hosting sites are the best?

In this post, Website Hosting Review ~ A Comparison Between WA Hosting and Bluehost, I will do my best to define ~

  1. What is Web Hosting
  2. Why are hosting companies necessary
  3. Compare Wealthy Affiliate (WA) hosting vs Bluehost
  4. WA Hosting Pros and Cons
  5. Bluehost WordPress Hosting Pros and Cons
  6. Testimonials
  7. My recommendation

1. What is Web Hosting?

Best Website Hosting Reviews
Courtesy of Web Hosting Secret Revealed
  • Web Hosting means where your website files live
  • The hosting company gives your website files a place  to live in their massive servers
  • You pay “rent” for the webspace each month or annually to house your website files

2. Why are hosting companies necessary?Website Hosting Review

  • Hosting companies are dedicated data centers with massive computers
  • These massive computers (aka) servers can store a lot of website files
  • Hosting companies connect these massive web servers to the internet
  • We cannot host our own websites from our PC. It is not powerful enough
  • Web Hosting companies have the funds and server space to store massive files

Note: I elaborated on domain names in my post, How To Make A Website With WordPress ~ The Basic Steps. It‘s a good read if you want to know more about domain name details.

3. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Hosting vs Bluehost WordPress Hosting

4. WA Hosting

Website Hosting Review

Features (Provided by WA Hosting)
Website Hosting Review









  • Non premium members do not get WA hosting, only a free Siterubix domain
  • Non premium members do not get access to Live Chat Support after 7 day free trial

5. Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Features Website Hosting Review

  • Longevity – established in 2003
  • 24/7 support
  • Trusted hosting choice for WordPress
  • Reasonable plan hosting prices (Basic $2.95, Plus $5.45, Prime $5.95, Pro $13.95)
  • Money back guarantee


Note: I had not experience any trouble with Bluehost WordPress hosting. These are just some issues that customers have experienced from outside comments ~

  • Support tickets take several days for response
  • Techs may not be well-versed on all issues
  • User complaints about server downtimes
  • Slow site speeds

6. Testimonials

7. My recommendation

WA Hosting  99 out of 100 — Sign up as a Premium Member now for $19 first month membership (regular price $49)

  • I can vouch for the WA Hosting features.
  • It’s super robust and no downtimes at all!
  • Added bonus for price of membership – 1,ooo’s of training tutorials, instant live chat support, community help
  • Reasonable domain and registration prices ($13.99-$15.99)

Bluehost WordPress Hosting ~ 97 out of 100

  • I would still recommend Bluehost
  • I liked the pricing and I had no trouble with support
  • The basic plan suited me well
  • The Youtube training was sufficient but I still struggled a lot with creating Menus and Pages on my website
  • Wonder if their servers can support behemoth business websites


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