We Love To Eat Food ~ A Funny Story About Gluttony


We love to eat!

 We are Chilipinos and we love to eat food! You ask, what is a Chilipino? My side of the family is Chinese. My brother-in-law’s side is Filipino. Add Chinese plus Filipino together, we have Chilipino, which only means – two food loving cultures meshed together to create a eating machine of gigantic nom nom proportions.

MMM, those pictures below depicts all the favorite foods we love to eat when we are in Richmond, BC. So yum!

Eat and eat some more!We love to eat food!

Believe me people, come to our parties, lunches or dinners and you are obligated and must have a willingness to eat, eat again and eat some more for hours on end – that means firsts, seconds, thirds and so on – oh, of course, with a karaoke break thrown in.
We Love to Eat

Look at my sis’s face. Soon, that smile will turn into a “frowny-I-hate-dim-sum-forever-nauseated face.”

So. Much. Food.

Well, we had a really interesting Chilipino food adventure in 2011.

In the above picture, we were at a dim sum restaurant in Richmond, BC. Our Dad, bless his big stomach, decided to order for us. Usually, dim sum restaurants have these little carts that are pushed to your table so you can see what you are ordering. This restaurant did not.

Dad just assumed it was the typical little size steamers with smallish size dim sums. No problem, right?

Oh Lord help us, I prayed. Look at the stack of steamers on that table. I mean, these were not the standard size dim sum steamers. These were the Costco size, buy-in-bulk, infinity size steamers! You can fit a lot, a lot of dumplings into those things! You can probably fit a small child into those steamers. (Disclaimer – no kids were harmed in this scenario. Just a few kids who hated dim sum after this trip.)

4 of everything…please don’t go there!

We love to eat food

Part of the dim sum mother lode

So Dad decided to order 4 of everything. I mean, this man is so generous and is always anxious that we won’t get enough to eat, that he orders like a food shortage is around the corner.

It’s like on that day, we ordered as if the kitchen was seriously going to run out of food.

Well, as you can see, we probably wiped them out of dim sum that day. Seriously.

No, no don’t go there!We love to eat food!

Anyway, the waitress warned him, (in Cantonese), “Sir, are you sure you want to order this much food? The dim comes in pretty large sizes.” She was very concerned. I mean, she had this very distinct, anxious look on her face, like she was silently begging us not to go there.

Of course my Dad just goes, No matter, no problem. We order this, ok, ok.” And waved her off.

Dim sum explosion begins…

In a matter of minutes, mountains of steamers fly out the kitchen. The table filled up with chicken feet, ha gao, shumai, tripe, bbq pork buns and the we-lost-track-of-what we-ordered – dim sums.

We were panicking. What did we do! It kept coming. We looked at each other and knew we were in TROUBLE!

And the eating began…We love to eat food

Where do we begin? What’s our strategy? Let’s huddle and do this as a team, right? Come on kids – pick up your chopsticks and go team go, fight team fight. We can do it!

  • First we will take down the shu mai.
  • Than the ha gao?
  • After that, let’s attack the bbq pork buns.
  • No wait, we can’t eat the starchy stuff first. Too filling.
  • Oh, don’t drink water or tea – just empty fillers.
  • Can we just eat the chicken feet toes and not the whole feet?

Don’t even make eye contact with the food. We must take this down. Just think about all the poor starving kids in the world and do it for them! No whiners allowed.

A little dent….no, no dent made!

We were worn out and kinda nauseated at this point. We scanned the table and there wasn’t a dent made! Trying his best to eat another shumai, Dad goes, “Oh for goodness sakes, let’s just pack up.”

But before we asked for take out boxes, my Dad turns to the neighboring table, (who by the way, wisely had only a few dim sum steamers on their table) and Dad asked – “Would you like some of our food? I think we ordered too much. Please take some – on us of course.” They smiled and politely declined.

But I bet they were silently laughing at us , thinking to themselves, “What kind of foreigners are these people?”
Then, Dad tried to pawn it off to the waitresses. “Oh please, just take some for your lunch.” Like they really wanted to eat dim sum for lunch. They work at this restaurant, Dad. SMH.

Our picture on the wall?

Finally, the check came and the waitress told us that our check was the biggest dollar amount in its recent history. Really? Can we get our picture posted on your wall, please?

Many, many take-out boxes in the carWe love to eat food!

So how many boxes did we need? Hmmm, enough to open our own dim sum restaurant. Really, it could’ve worked.

Well, we took our many take-out boxes and headed towards the American border.

The Nexus laneWe love to eat food!

So, we drove towards the US Border, with dim sum smelling up both cars. The mix over car air freshener and chicken feet wasn’t a good combo but it was only another 5 hours until we were to arrive home.

But no, we didn’t get that far! We absent-mindedly stayed in the Nexus lane.

For those of you not familiar with that lane – the Nexus lane is:

We love to eat

It was the no-no lane for us.

Why did we even stay in that lane, I have no idea. We were probably in a food coma. Yes, we were. Guess what happened next?

Please pull over and the orange, too!We love to eat food!

The border guards told us to park in the “special spots” and get out our vehicles. Then, we were herded into the building for interrogation. Of course, we were nervous. What if they think we were confiscating something like fruit or worse, dim sum! I wasn’t sure, but was it ok to cross the border with dim sum in our trunk?

Oh no, my Dad did have fruit and he was hiding it in his shoe – a Canadian orange. Uh oh. We were going to jail!

Mean, Asian Border GuardWe love to eat food!

How ironic we got an Asian border guard. Hopefully, just maybe, he would feel a kinship with us. Asian to Asian. No problem, right?

Ha, he was the meanest border guard ever! Nah, there was no kinship. No feelings whatsoever. He did his 20 minute interrogation and treated us like we were some fob immigrants trying to smuggle illegal drugs across the border.

He was so mean that he almost didn’t let the kids use the bathroom. Ok, guy. Hope you like cleaning up potty off of the floor.

Are ya going to take the dim sum, too?

Anyway, after standing there listening to him scold us, he let us go. He confiscated the orange, but not the dim sum. Maybe he should’ve done us a favor and took it and shared it with his fellow border guards. Be our guest! (Ironically, our next trip home from Canada a few months later, we were in this mean Asian border guard’s lane. This time, we passed without trouble. Of course, he didn’t recognize us. But we recognized him and he still looked mean and grumpy!)

One steamer at a time

Well, we decided to travel up to Richmond a few months later. We did go to dim sum again but decided to try a different dim sum restaurant. This time, we ordered like a pauper. We took it easy, one steamer at a time. It was really enjoyable not having mountains of steamers in front of us this time!

Stress free eating ~ at it’s best!

We love to eat food!We love to eat food!

As you can see, we love to eat food! We order a lot and we love stuffing our faces! When we are eating our current meal, we are already planning what we are going to eat next.

When we are on vacation, we actually map out breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, snack, snack, sleep, snack and the whole eating ritual starts again.

As you can see, food defines both the Chinese and Filipino culture. We love sharing food and pushing food on people. We always say eat more!

Have a rib!

Even when people are full, we push food and act offended and ask, “Why are you not eating more!” It’s quite common! For the most part, we push food because it’s an act of love and kindness. Food is something we bond over! Yes, we love saying, “I love you. Have a rib.”

Hungry, hungry!

We love to eat food!

Hong Kong Style French Toast

Boy, I really enjoyed writing this post. It beats writing about business. It’s also made me a little hungry! So, I think I’m going to head off and get a snack right now!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like to share a funny food experience in the comment section, please feel free to share! I would love to read about it!

By the way, if you want to indulge in something super yummy, I have the recipe for the Hong Kong Style French Toast! It’s unlike any French Toast you have ever tasted! Must try!

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Again, thanks for letting me share this story here on Liberation 2035.



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