Warning! Washing Your Hair Can Make You Sick!

How to unblock writer's blockWriter’s block needs unblocking

Catchy headline, isn’t it?  That’s a Mom-ism that I heard when I was growing up. I thought it would be a great title for my post.

Yes, I’ll be writing about weird Mom advice or Mom-isms but I want to address my writer’s block and tell you what I did to unblock it.

I didn’t want to use these as my titles ~

  • How to unblock writer’s block
  • How to treat writer’s block
  • How to solve writer’s block
  • How to stop writer’s block

Nope. Those headlines are too boring.

I wanted to make this into a fun post because I had just finished writing a very emotional post prior to this one.

But right now, I’m stuck. So, maybe I should post title this, “I despise writer’s block!”

Writer’s block is an excuse

Sometimes, writing for my blog is stressful. When I start feeling that way, I get really awful writer’s block and I end up staring at the computer screen – staring, staring, staring.

How to stop writer's block
Quit smiling at me, Jerry

Drives me nuts!

Sometimes, I’ll end up googling something, in hopes of solving my writer’s block. But, whenever I do that, I land on something like this ~

“Writer’s block is a b.s. excuse for not doing your work.” Jerry Seinfeld

Geez, Jerry.  That was not helpful. I already have a job, where I have to do my work and sometimes, other people’s work.

How to solve writer's blockI don’t want writing to become my work

I wanna have fuuuuunnnnn. (Cue the whiney voice.)

Really Jerry, I have a very good work ethic. Ugh.

That didn’t help.

Kardashians to the rescue

If googling doesn’t help, then I start “vegging” in front of the t.v., hoping that watching an inspiring

How to stop writer's block
Ok, nice hair!

show such as  “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” will help break the block.

Disclaimer: Puhleeze. Cindy does not watch the “Kardashians”. This was used for a dramatic effect for her post. This is a true and honest statement.

You may proceed.

How to solve writer's blockOh the pressure!

Well, I also think my block comes from feeling that I have to spin out some valuable stuff. After all, this blog is supposed to teach, engage and be of value to my readers.

Oh, the pressure!

FB family and friends, help!

I needed to get a topic rolling fast and I wanted to write something fun.

What should I do?

Who can help?

Thinking, thinking.

Oh, I got it!

I will ask my Facebook friends and family!

Wait, is that a good idea?

What if no one responds.


How to unblock writer's blockSocial Nerd

Plus, I’m not very good at socializing. I’m a social nerd with a super annoying independent streak. (If you can relate to that, welcome to my club.)

Secondly, I do not want to call upon my FB friends and family for help.

After all, they have busy lives.

I mean, they work, they have families, they have to clean the toilets and do 10 loads of laundry. You know, all the important stuff.

Hey, wait a minute, people. I’m on FB now and they’re not busy – they’re all posting, liking, commenting engaging and probably watching some cute animal GIF.

Ha! I’m gonna bother them

Here is my FB post ~

Got some gold nuggets of “Mom advice”

I’m really glad I had asked. If I hadn’t reached out, I wouldn’t have gotten some funny gold nuggets from my FB ladies!

Let’s write!

Topic of the week ~ Warning: Washing Your Hair Can Make You Sick!

Oh great, did I just hear that right?

How to treat writer's blockWashing your hair can make you sick!

Let me see – who could have said that? Could it have been…..my Mom!

Of course she did.

During my kid days, my Mom would come up with all kinds of “Mom-isms” or weird mom advice.

That washing hair bit was one of them.

How to unblock writer's blockMom advice hand-me-down

I have no idea where she got her advice. Most likely from her own mom.

Or maybe there was something like an “e-book” back when we were kids, full of this stuff. 

“For $97, you can get a free e-book and a course to learn how to turn your kids into neurotic adults.” (Funnel them in, right?)

How to solve writer's block
Save me!

Anyway, my Mom sure loved using weird mom advice/Mom-isms and used them fairly often. It served her purpose so to ~

  • scare us
  • manipulate us
  • show her love for us
  • drive us nuts
  • guilt us
  • all of the above

Sometimes effective, sometimes not. But she used them.

How to stop writer's blockThe universal experience

After reaching out, I started to compile my list of weird Mom advice. As you will see, weird Mom advice wasn’t an exclusive experience.

It was a universal experience!

See what my FB ladies contributed and enjoy the read!

Robin P.’s mom said ~

  • Put that feather down – they carry diseases!

How to unblock writer's blockI had asked Robin why her Mom said that. Here’s Robin’s reply ~

Oh yes, just out playing, and I would pick one up, or Seagull feather at the beach. I asked her not long ago about it. I asked why she said that. “Well that’s what my mom said to me!” I know I said it to my boys! Funny how you just repeat things!”

So true!

Prove it, Mom!

Isn’t it funny how we don’t ever question what our Mom’s say to us? Even though their “advice” is so vague, we take it at face value. But what can you say? It’s Mom, she’s a grown up and uh, knows more than we do?

But what if we said, “Uh, Mom, that’s crap.” Or, “Mom, you better show me some scientific evidence that this [insert Mom advice] is true!” Stat, now. Cause I’m going to grow up really neurotic.

How to unblock writer's blockSusan A.’s mom said ~

  • Eat too many fried foods, you will be too hot/heaty.
  • Eat chicken drumsticks with chopsticks, not with hands.
  • You may be excused when plate is clean…no grain of rice should be left on the plate or you will end up marrying a pock marked man.
  • No brown sodas…very bad…white sodas better!
  • You must marry Chinese doctor. $$$

Susan is my sis so I can vouch for her. I really, really like the brown soda vs. the white soda one. Since brown soda was dark, maybe my Mom thought it was more “corrosive” than white sodas.

But to be honest, I really don’t know why she said that.

So that confirms it. Just like Robin said when her Mom told her not to pick up feathers ~

“Well that’s what my mom said to me!” 

How to solve writer's blockDeborah M.’s mom said ~

  • Don’t eat fried foods. You will get a ton of zits.
  • If you sleep with wet hair, you will get headaches.
  • Don’t wash your hair during your monthly. You will go gray sooner!
  • If you swallow an apple seed, you’ll grow a tree in your stomach.
  • Gum will stay in your stomach forever.
  • Don’t sit too close to the t.v. or you will get cancer.

Ok, neurotic childhood alert. Oh Lordy, sweet Jesus. I can’t believe we’re still alive and kicking it. (Xanax – this is why it exists.)

How to stop writer's blockEdna H.’s mom said ~

  • Don’t stare crossed eyed at people or your eyes will stay that way the rest of your life.
  • Never let the boys touch or “pet” you, as you’ll get pregnant.
  • That lady swallowed a watermelon seed, so now you see it inside her belly.
  • Never leave the house with any holes in your underwear. You might get in an accident and people will see the hole and your (booty) skin.
  • Don’t eat boogers. You’ll get worms.

First of all, never eat boogers, period. Enough said.

Ellen E.’s mom said ~How to solve writer's block

  • Don’t sit too close to the t.v. It will ruin your eyes.

That explains my “-8.00”. Wow.

How to stop writer's blockTalitha W.’s mom said ~

  • Don’t count your chickens until they hatch.

Aww, I love chickadees. Ok, I don’t know why, but I’ll wait until they hatch. 

Amy F.’s mom said ~

How to solve writer's block
  • You can play inside the house. If you play outside, you will get kidnapped.
  • You should not pick up bags or kick boxes left on the ground. A bomb may be in it.
  • Do not eat any food with your hands.
  • Don’t get pregnant! If you do, your dad and I will send you away!
  • Don’t go out with wet hair, you will get pneumonia.
  • Sit here and drink this soup of (cow) brains. It will make you very smart.

Amy is my other sis. I can definitely vouch for all these, especially the cow brain one.

Hmm, let’s analyze the cow and its brain.

  1. Cows go “moo”.
  2. Cows chew cud and have two stomachs.
  3. Cows are follower of other cows.
  4. Prone to mad cow disease.

Let’s just really think about cow brain soup. I mean, really, really think about it. 

Wonder if Mom’s still use these?

How to unblock writer's blockAfter compiling this list, I wonder if the current generation of Mom’s use this?

Hmm, maybe and maybe not.

I don’t use it on my kids because if I did, they would be drinking only “white sodas”, eating “cow brain soup” and never wash their hair. (Well, my daughter might use the last one to her advantage.)

I wonder what other Mom-isms have been created since my childhood days?

Hey, that could be another idea for my post…..

I reached out and finished my post!

Wow, I did it. Thanks to my FB friends and family, I finished another post.

Remember how I didn’t want to impose on others to give me ideas? Well, I’m glad I did. This was probably one of the most fun posts I’ve written so far.

Tips for writing a genuine post when you are stuck

I have to end this post with a few tips.

  • Reach out to others in your circle and ask for help. People are willing to help when there’s a genuine engagement.
  • Write about personal experiences ~ funny, sad, touching, weird makes for an authentic post.
  • You don’t always have to rely on your own ideas. Again, ask for help.
  • Interview someone who is a good story teller and go from there.
  • Don’t worry about writing a perfect post.
  • Just write naturally and let it flow.

Calling all Mom’s and Newbie writers!

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 Again, thanks for visiting Liberation 2035

I always enjoy reading your comments, so go ahead a leave me one below.

I’d love to have you share writing tips, weird Mom advice/Mom-isms, or even ask questions.

Let’s connect!

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Thank you!

Blessings and much success to you!



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      Thank you for the kind comments! I had a lot of fun writing this one. The gals who had contributed had a great time. If this post goes viral, I can give them all the credit! Lol!

      Glad I had a chance to bring a chuckle your way!


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