Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard vs Plugable Full-Size Keyboard

Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
Messy Wires!

I love portable devices and especially appreciate wireless! (I have a “wire” phobia – too many wires irritate me!)

I had recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and wanted a portable keyboard for it. I didn’t really like the tablet’s built-in digital keyboard because typing accurately took some work.

I also wanted to write my posts on my tablet. Sometimes, I get bored working at my office desktop. It’s nice to change it up and work elsewhere in the house, like in the Greatroom/Kitchen where I can be near the coffee pot.

Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard AA SK2NWBB

So for Christmas, I requested a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard that was compatible with my Samsung Tab S2. I had initially researched Samsung’s Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard AA-SK2NWBB and I considered getting it. But I read some Amazon reviews which commonly stated that the keys would fall off after a short period of use.

Also, Samsung’s Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard AA-SK2NWBB is a bit more expensive. So, even though I wanted to stick with Samsung, the negative reviews and the price stopped me from purchasing it.

Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
Amazon Image of Plugable Full-Size Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

I did some more research online and I finally chose the Plugable Full-Size Bluetooth Keyboard with the Protective Case/Stand by Plugable Technologies.

Amazon has a great price right now! Plugable Full-Size Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Protective Case/Stand  is currently $49.95. (Prices subject to change) That’s an incredible price for an excellent Bluetooth keyboard.

The keyboard’s best feature is that it folds up into a compact square and can be stored in its case. I like this feature a lot because I could just fold it up and put it into my purse or backpack. Very handy! (See images below)

The connection is dependable. I have not experienced any lost Bluetooth connection.

So far, there has not been significant lagging either. At times, I do have to push on the space bar a second time to space a word but no other lag troubles.


The keyboard size is excellent. With the amount of writing I have to do sometimes, I really appreciate the expansiveness of the keys. It is just as good as typing on a desktop keyboard.

The protective case also becomes a stand for the tablet. It’s pretty sturdy and held my Samsung tab S2 very well.

The Plugable Keyboard is compatible with these devices:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows

With versatile compatibility, I can interchange it with other devices if need be. I really appreciate that valuable benefit!

Overall, I love the Plugable Full-Size Bluetooth Keyboard with the Protective Case/Stand. For those who appreciate:

  • Full-size keyboards
  • Dependable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Long battery life (recharge via USB)
  • No lagging
  • Compatible with different OS

By the way, I just typed this post with the Plugable keyboard. It was very responsive and I got to sit on the couch, with my steamy cup of coffee, in front of the fireplace, writing away. Love when products work as they should!

Thanks for visiting Liberation 2035! I hope you have experienced a product that really lived up to its name. Leave a comment below and let me know what it was! It’s always helpful to get word-of-mouth recommendations!

Blessings to all,


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