Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam or Legit ~ An Open Letter To You

Wealthy Affiliate – Reviews

You may have seen Wealthy Affiliate reviews while searching for an opportunity to make money online. There are tons of reviews for Wealthy Affiliate. Yesterday, we were curious and wanted to read other people’s reviews about Wealthy Affiliate.

Of course, there were positive and negative reviews.  Some have labeled Wealthy Affiliate a scam. Some state that Wealthy Affiliate is legit. Whatever the case, there were definitely positive and negatives for Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s a given.

But it was a little disheartening to see the negatives for Wealthy Affiliate. After all, we’re using this website to help others know about the Wealthy Affiliate training platform and how it can help others start building an online business through continued training.

What is a scam?

A scam is a dishonest scheme or fraud. We think a true scam are things like ~

  • Work only x hours and become rich
  • Send x dollars to the person on the list and make money
  • Make money surfing on the internet
  • Make thousands without picking up the phone or selling anything

If it didn’t work, is it a scam?

When others call something a scam, does it fit into the above criterias? Or, have they called it a scam because it didn’t produce instant results? Some may call Wealthy Affiliate a scam because it ~

  • didn’t produce instant results (making thousands in a month)
  • is just trying to get your money through a membership
  • it’s like any other website that doesn’t work

Some may call Warrior Forum a scam, for the same reasons.

But is a scam really a scam because it didn’t live up to someone’s personal expectations?

Our example

We will use this example ~ should we label Centurylink’s IP service as a scam because for $67.99/month, we were told that  our internet service would be really fast and reliable. Well, our internet was dropping its connection almost every single day. We were so tired of unplugging and rebooting.

We were especially tired of hearing our kids freak out when it went down in the middle of their “shoot the bad guy” games. (We only know how to play Solitaire, lol!)

Do we label Centurylink a scam? Not really. It just didn’t live up to our expectations, so we cancelled them and moved on.

So, when someone is searching for a course on “how to build an online business” and it didn’t work for them, was it based on a real scam experience or did it just not live up to their expectations?

Lots of Noise

As we’ve mentioned in another post, there is a lot of noise on the internet and we totally know that it’s a very confusing world out there. Each and every minute, someone is searching for the best opportunity to make money. But there’s also a lot of “what if’s.”

That person is most likely asking ~

  • Is this THE program?
  • Am I going to be scammed?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?

We totally get the confusion and distrust

We’ve been down that road. It was frustrating! We’ve been caught up with the noise!  But, since becoming a website owner/affiliate marketers, we’re able to overcome that confusion because we are now, more knowledgeable of what’s out there.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate company

After trying out some programs and not getting a lot of results, we chose to become premium members of Wealthy Affiliate. Based on the stellar training and positive experience, we have chosen to promote Wealthy Affiliate. This thing  genuinely works.

For $1.63 a day ($49/monthly membership), we have learned more than we have ever expected.

It’s exciting to logon everyday to interact with all the other members and learn something valuable. We continue to learn something new everyday, namely ~

  • Changes in SEO rules
  • How to troubleshoot technical aspects of our website
  • How to improve and grow our website
  • How to help others benefit from our experience
  • and so much more.

What else made us sign up?

How did we sign up for Wealthy Affiliate? We read a genuine and positive review. The reviewer had written about ~

  • His experience as a Wealthy Affiliate member
  • His background as a teacher and not a marketing “guru”
  • How he built his website through training with Wealthy Affiliate
  • His success as a result of training on the Wealthy Affiliate platform

There was nothing to indicate a scam. After we finished reading his review, we test drove WA for free and here we are today.

New training everyday

Just the other day, we learned how to add a personalized widget to the sidebar all because another member took the time to post a training. She wanted to help others and didn’t hesitate to share her knowledge. It’s the tried and true stuff that others have done to their website and their openness to share that knowledge so we can better our website and be more successful.

This is what continues to impress us about Wealthy Affiliate. We haven’t really experienced anything like it anywhere else.

WA Members are helpful

Again, Wealthy Affiliate is a very helpful place.

If we are stuck on a question, there’s live chat support 24/7 or we can type a question and post it in the forum. Our questions are always answered, no matter what. If we need training, we can look it up on the search bar and there it is.

Another example ~ the other night, we were struggling with Google Analytics. The Google Analytics website has instructions but it is somewhat lame. More specific answers were needed ~ stat!

Cindy logged on to WA and typed into the search bar, “Google Analytics.”

Up popped this ~

By the way, the CEO’s of WA drives this point home ~ help others first.  Helpfulness is another key factor that has kept us as WA members for all these months.

Choose to be honest or not

As Affiliate marketers, we promote products that have worked for us and just want to spread the word. Some people will promote products dishonestly just to make a buck. Some will review a product that may be biased and untruthful. That’s the reality of promotions.

But rest assured, that’s not us. You won’t find any negative reviews to bash other companies on our websites, because that is not us.

Basis of our reviews

If we do write reviews, we will write about the things that we love, the things that have been useful to us and the things that we have used thus far.

Most likely, we will write compare and contrast reviews. We do not want to write reviews that bash others, so you won’t find them here. Our goal is to educate and help others make a sound decision with their purchases. And we will be honest.

We will give you our perspective. We will just tell you of our experience. If you choose to find value in our reviews, all the better. If not, that’s quite alright.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit?

Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legit. Here’s our own Wealthy Affiliate review.

If you haven’t read it already, check it out and let us know what you think. Hopefully, this post and our review will resonate with you and would be thrilled to know that it has helped you!

Thanks for visiting Liberation 2035! We appreciate you and here to help at any time! Feel free to leave a comment below!

Cindy and Mel


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