I Want To Quit My Job But I’m Scared

I want to quit my job but I'm scared

Scared but stuck

That picture epitomizes how I felt about five months ago. I was at my wits end, working long hours and feeling tied down to my job. During that period, I wanted to quit my job so badly, but I was scared.

Scared because my job is the only income source and I have to provide for my family.

If you are a working parent, you probably know how that feels. You just don’t have the option to quit and throw caution to the wind.

Even if you wanted to, what income source would you have besides the one from your job?

So, why do I want to quit my job?

  • I have been at my job for 21 years.
  • I feel like I’m losing time and I really want to escape the 9 to 5 grind.
  • I would like a better work/life balance
  • I want more flexibility to work my own schedule, instead of the bosses schedule.
  • I want to make my own vacation time instead of having to request my time off every year.
  • I want to be location independent and be free to work anywhere and still get paid.

What’s your reason to quit?

  • A working parent looking for a better work/life balance and desires to have more time with family
  • An entrepreneur at heart, who is tired of working for others and ready to startup a business
  • A salaried worker who is tired of working overtime and would like a flexible schedule
  • A mid-level office worker who has hit the ceiling and wants to create his/her own job advancement

In an article from Inc.com, these are the top 5 reasons that people want to quit their job ~


I want to quit my job but I'm scared
Source: Inc.com “The top 5 reasons people quit their job.”

Which reasons resonated with you?

Are any of those reasons pushing you towards quitting your job?

What if there’s a way to work towards leaving your job and build something for yourself?

The solution

There are two billion people using the internet and growing. So many people have been successful in building their online business and have proven that it’s the way to go if being an employee is not cutting it.

Many people have gone on to achieve great wealth with Affiliate Marketing. This is what I’ve chosen to do.

I no longer want to be someone’s employee but working towards building a lucrative business that can help me leave the grind of the 9 to 5.


One important aspect of Affiliate Marketing involves training. If you haven’t seen it already, there are a lot of courses and lessons out on the internet that teach you about Affiliate Marketing but sometimes, it’s just noise.

I am part of the Wealthy Affiliate training platform, where I’ve learned how to build this website and monetize it. I’ve chosen to train with the Wealthy Affiliate platform because it teaches me what I need to know and the supportive team is open and responsive to helping me succeed.

Here’s a wonderful success story that I would like to share with you. Click here to see what awesome success Kudo has achieved after quitting his job. Come back after reading to see how you can quit being scared and start embarking on a  journey towards a remarkable future.

Being my “own employee” will be a goal achieved

Like Kudo, I will be able to quit my job soon and achieve my goals of working for myself, on my own time and live a lifestyle free of the employee time clock!

Sign up for training ~ but only if you are ready to be more than an employee

Seriously, I do not want to push you in to something that may be out of your comfort zone. I know it’s scary to do something other than being an employee. Really, I know that feeling.

So, feel free to just get familiar with everything. Look around my website and read more posts.

But if you are ready to see what training is available for starters, simply click on the banner below and it will take you to a sign-up page.

No gimmicks, no games. Just solid training to start you out.

And if you have any questions, you can definitely contact me here or at my Wealthy Affiliate home page.

Much success to you and have a blessed day!



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