How To Promote Your Content Using These Top 7 Tips

When we first learned to write for our website, we didn’t realize how important it was to promote our content. Of course, we were newbies and everything was sort of an enigma to us.

We didn’t really give it much thought once we pushed the Publish button. We were just excited to be publishing something and hoped that someone would eventually read it.

How to promote your contentBut of course, sitting in cyberspace with millions of other website content wasn’t working. We had to promote our content and thank goodness we learned how. Jay O’Neill is the creator and trainer with Wealthy Affiliate and he is remarkable.

Through his webinars, we’ve learned how to promote our content after publishing.  Since Jay’s training was so helpful, we’d would like reiterate what we’ve learned and present it in this post.

Hit Publish – What Happens?

How to promote your contentFirst of all, what happens after you hit Publish? For those non-techies out there, once the post is published, it goes through a series of steps before Google starts indexing it.

The process is really cool. Jay showed us the steps involved ~

  • Content is posted on the blogroll
  • It’s shown as the latest blog entry
  • WordPress sends a message to a site called Ping-O-Matic
  • Sitemap is updated
  • Google swings by and reads your sitemap
  • Google crawls your content
  • Google looks at words, internal links and formatting
  • Google indexes content
  • Google puts it in line to search

Ok, so that is what happens once you hit publish. Pretty cool!

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Let’s learn how to promote your content

1. Submit to a Social Media Group Or Community

Facebook has tons of groups. If your niche is about affiliate marketing, find an open group. Make sure it’s a group so you can promote your posts. Most of them will have some rules,  so read them before you join. Some groups ask that promoting a post should be limited to one day.

From training, Jay always reminds us to engage in the group and build relationships by commenting on other people’s stuff. That’s what social media is all about. Give to others first and than you shall receive, right?

How to promote your content
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How to promote your content
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2. Reach Out To A Top Influencer In Your Niche

Jay suggested that we find a top performing post and reach out to an influencer in your niche. Reaching out to an influencer can definitely give a good boost of traffic to your website.

At first, it was kind of intimidating and we felt so insignificant among those big names. But trying is the first step.

Cindy goes on Twitter a lot and engages with some top influencers. She also gets some great online marketing ideas to make our website better. (But social media is not her first love She is a self proclaimed social nerd.)

4 Top influencers in online marketing/business niche ~

1. Grant Cordone – is a 7-time best selling author of Be Obsessed or Be Average and he is on almost every social media platform. We are one of his 402k Twitter followers. Talk about a lot of followers. He is also a real estate mogul worth 500 M.

Can you say big time influencer? Just imagine how awesome it would be to just get his recognition for one of your posts. Amazing!


2. Neil Patel is  the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. He is a genius online marketer. We’ve read up on some of his marketing techniques as well. Very useful information. Getting in touch with him would be a boost to your traffic as well.

3. Pat Flynn is the creator of Smart Passive Income. He does a great job teaching others about Affiliate Marketing and he acieves his passive income via his podcasts, with tons of monthly listeners. He has 146k followers on Twitter. He’s a pretty solid guy and a @PatFlynn could do wonders for a post!


  4. Ann Handley is a noted author of Everybody Writes – Your Go To Guide For Ridiculously Good Content. She is considered one of the Top 20 Women Bloggers and is the founder of
Ann has 390k followers on Twitter. She is one influential gal!

3. Mention Someone Awesome In Your Niche

How to promote your contentWe really are inspired by Jon Morrow. He is the CEO of his website, A number of years ago, he had written a post titled, How to quit your job, Move to paradise and Get paid to change the world. The post was moving and so inspirational. It really spurred us to believe that we can create an online business and fulfill our dreams as he did. 

We had actually mentioned him in one of our posts, A Personal Post About A Girl.” We are planning to promote that post to a “stop bullying” campaign next month. After you read Jon’s stuff, you will be truly inspired.

4. Offer Insight Interviews To Other Bloggers

Jay suggested this strategy that involves reaching out to people in your niche and asking for an interview. Also, if you have well established in your niche, you could also ask to collaborate on a interview project together. We had already spoken about finding an influencer who is an expert in your niche – find that person and request an interview.

Jay also states that a site will need some sales, traffic and credibility for this to work out. We are excited to see this in our near future – interviewing an expert would add so much to our website.

Twitter is a good Social Media platform to accomplish this promotional strategy.

5. Contact People Who Are Sharing Content Similar To Yours

Through Social Media, find people in your niche who are opened to sharing your content. In turn, you can share their content, as well.

Utilize Google+ communities, FB groups and Twitter.

6. Comment On Other Blogs In Your Niche

We have commented on alot of blogs in our niche. This is a great way to build a relationship with others. We don’t necessarily expect anything in return, but it’s just a good way to get noticed, especially by those who are more established in your niche.

How to promote your contentFor example, Crystal Paine is an extraordinary person. She is the CEO/Creator of Money Saving MomCindy really enjoys getting money saving tips from Crystal’s blog and will give a genuine comment.

Sometimes, the more established website owners will link back to your website and in turn, you may get some of their traffic as well.  

7. Offer To Guest Blog For Someone Within Your Niche

If you have top performing posts and have been somewhat established in your niche, Jay suggests you reach out and ask to guest blog. This can help you establish a presence as well as get more traffic to your website.

Be sure you are not duplicating what is already on his or her website. Do a little research and find something new that can add value to the guest blogger’s site.

Also, get to know the blogger’s voice. Then, write in tune with their voice.

Keep on promoting – Don’t give up

We totally know that the promoting aspect of this business takes a lot of work. Sometimes, it may seem like a fruitless effort. But, we continue to promote our content, analyze what is working, rinse and repeat.

So, if you are new at promoting content, give the above tips a try.

Read more about Wealthy Affiliate training platform here. This is where we learned how to promote our content and get people to our website. 

Leave a comment and tell us about your niche and how you would promote it with one of these strategies!

We hope you have a blessed day!

Cindy and Mel


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