How to Make a Website with WordPress ~ The Basic Steps

How to make a website with WordPress

Website creation is accessible to everyone

Making a website these days is easy. No need to use those funny codes and brackets. When we first started, that was such a relief to us because codes are intimidating. Mel and I can do one code and that is this one – <center>– to center our pictures within the posts. Pretty good start, right?

Good thing we have WordPress! WordPress is called CMS or “Content Management Systems” type of website platform. It is easy to use and great for non-techy people like us.

The basic steps

  1. Choose a domain name – create original or buy one
  2. Check domain availability
  3. Register domain name
  4. Choose a hosting platform
  5. Choose a WordPress Theme
  6. Add Menu
  7. Create Pages – add to Menu
  8. Create Categories
  9. Write Content
  10. Monetize your website – bonus free video #1!
  11. Build a website for free – bonus free video #2

1.Choose a Domain name

The next step is pretty fun – choosing a Domain name. Our domain name is We spent about 2-3 days playing with word combinations before we decided on it.

Mel and I both agreed –  really wanted to have a name that was catchy and brandable. We liked Liberation because it means to set free  and 2035 is my retirement year.

Since we are writing about how creating an online business can provide me the freedom to drop the 9-5 daily grind and help us reach our early retirement goals, really reflected the personality of our niche.

2. Check Domain availability

After we decided on, we used Knowem to look up Domain name availability. We liked Knowem for its ease of use. In the event we planned to optimize our online business through something like Facebook, Knowem also shows if the domain name is available for social media sites.

We’ve also used  to brainstorm for new domain names and check its availability. Jaaxy is primarily a keyword research tool but it also has a robust domain availability search tool as well. How to make a website with WordPress


After we used Jaaxy to look up domain availability, Jaaxy linked us to Wealthy Affiliate where we can register and pay for our domain name. For a $1.33 per month, we got some really valuable benefits from Wealthy Affiliate domain site ~How to make a website with WordPress

  • Privacy
  • Personal email
  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Support
  • Training
  • FREE SSL! (2017 feature for all paid domains)

Note: As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium paying member the domain prices are very reasonable. Along with getting access to reasonable domain prices, we have access to all the WordPress training available and affiliate programs.

Important: Don’t skip checking for your domain name availability. It’s just so important to ensure that you are not using a domain name that is owned by another person or company. That wouldn’t be cool.

Should I buy a Domain name?

We like playing around with word combinations so and we don’t like to spend money on buying someone else’s name. But for those who don’t want to brainstorm for a domain name, there are a lot of sites you can buy registered domain names.

Sometimes buying a registered domain name is a good choice but you will probably end up paying a premium price. I’m not an expert on the pricing and neither is Mel, but when I researched pricing, it seemed that the desirability of the name reflected the pricing.

Domain names can be reasonably price and some can start in the hundreds and range up to millions of dollars. If your are interested, is a good source to research registered domain names and compare prices.

3. Register your Domain name

Unless you are buying an existing/registered domain name, registering your individual domain name is important. Basically, registering a domain name means you own the name. It’s yours as long as you pay the annual registration cost. and most hosting platforms have a domain name search and registration feature built-in.

4. Choosing a Hosting Platform

Again, we won’t go in too much about hosting platforms in this post. Here is a must read review about hosting~

Website Hosting Review ~ A Comparison Between WA Hosting and Bluehost.

This review has very useful information to help you decide which hosting company has ~

  • excellent security
  • most efficient
  • minimal downtime
  • useful training
  • stellar support

After you choose a hosting company, you will install WordPress ~

5. Choose a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme was both fun and difficult. There are so many to choose from and we had to play around with a lot to find one which felt right.

If you would like to know some additional suggestions about 3 simple themes, read my post ~

 How to Start an Online Business ~ 8 Starter Steps.

We eventually chose the Rara theme. We chose this theme for its simplicity and minimal qualities.

  • We prefer my web site to be clean and uncluttered.
  • We are not planning to do a lot of flashy ads or photo galleries.
  • We have an option to add an ecommerce store in the future.

Go ahead and play with all the themes. Choose the one that fits your niche and the personality of your website. With over 2,500 themes available, you will find the best fitting theme.

Steps to download a theme in WordPress

  1. Go to Appearance
  2. Go to Themes
  3. Review theme choices
  4. Add New
  5. Activate

Note: You do not have to settle on one theme. If you decide to change to another, your existing content will transfer nicely.

6. Adding Menus

Once you have chosen a theme, you will need to create Menus.

Menus are what you see on the top of your website’s page.

A website will have ~

  • Primary Menu
  • Secondary Menu
  • Sidebar Menu
  • Footer Menu

Here are the steps to create a Menu

  1. Go to Appearance
  2. Click Menus
  3. Select a Menu to Edit – Main Menu(Primary)
  4. Click create new menu
  5. Give menu a name (i.e. Top Menu Bar)
  6. Save menu
How to make a website with WordPress
My Top Menu Categories

7. Create Pages & Add to Menu

  • Pages are the places where contents are written. Number of pages together creates a Menu.
  • Pages are fixed in nature. It means that the contents of a page are fixed until you change it.
  • Therefore a page should contain such content which are not likely to be changed in a short period of time.How to make a website with WordPress

Here are the steps to create a page and add it to a menu

  1. Click Pages
  2. Click Add New
  3. Name your Page
  4. Click Publish
  5. Go to Appearance
  6. Go to Menus
  7. Select Menu to Edit
  8. Check the Pages to Add
  9. Click Add to Menu
  10. Save Menu

8. Create Categories

Categories help organize your posts

Tip: The more you create new blog posts, the more credibility you will have with you readers. It just shows that you are active on your website and content is dynamic.

How to create Categories

  1. Go to Dashboard—Appearance– Posts-Categories

How to make a website with WordPress








2. Add new categories-Name it Blogroll-Click Add new category

How to make a website with WordPress





3. Click – All Posts-Add New-Name Your Post-

4. Go to right side bar-Click Blogroll

Tip: Every Post you write for the blogroll will now be organized under the Blogroll category.

 9. Start Writing Your Content

Stuck on how to create great content? Read my post, How To Be A Good Content Writer ~ No English Degree Required. This post will help you to write meaningful and relevant content.

10. Monetize your website – Free bonus video #1!

This video will show you the process of making money online. How to make a website with WordPress

11. Build a website for free! Free bonus video #2

Here is another free video to help you build a website for free right now! Take a look at the video and get started today! How to make a website with wordpress

Congratulations! You have a website!

You did it! You have officially built your first website and you are in business! Like my website, yours will  be a work in progress. It will grow with your business, become more refined and will be a very dynamic experience.

I know I will want to add more menus or even change themes. But for now, I’m excited to have a foundational website powered by WordPress.

I hope that you have found useful information on How to Make a Website with WordPress ~ The basic steps.

Thanks again for reading my post and visiting Feel free to leave a comment or any WordPress tips. I’m a forever student and I love to learn something new everyday!


Cindy & Mel

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  1. Greeting Cindy,

    Thank you for your visit and your most welcomed commits. I am quite impressed with your website, so much so that I saved it to my Favorites so I can come back and check it out when I build my new site, I am going to incorporate some of your themes. I Pray Our LORD and Savior Continue To Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You Always!

    To Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ Whom ALL Blessing Flow;
    Praise His Holy Name;
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    William L. Gordon

    1. Hello William,
      I enjoy looking at different themes and picking the right one helps to define the vision of my business. I’m glad you found it helpful and thank you so much for bookmarking it. I am always thrilled when I’ve been helpful!

      Have a blessed day, sir!


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