How to Find the Ultimate Keywords for Your Website ~ A Jaaxy Review

How to find the ultimate keywords for your website

Keyword newbie needs help!

When I first started writing content for my website, I was clueless. I didn’t understand keywords and I wouldn’t have known a good or bad one if it smacked me in the face. So, what miraculous tool could show me how to find the ultimate keywords for my website and ensure that I was doing the right thing?

Update: I have two posts ranking on the TOP 1 & 2 pages of Google. My ranks continue to climb because I have used the Jaaxy Keyword Tool to find my ultimate keywords! Google loves good keywords and good content. 

How to find the ultimate keywords for your website
My recent post ranking

This is the best keyword tool for anyone who is serious about ranking #1! It really works!

Google to the rescue?

At first, I attempted to use the Google Keyword Planner. My search term was “How to start an online business.” This is what I got ~
How to find the ultimate keywords for your website

Alrighty. I understood the “average monthly search” and “competition” column. But the next two with the big, fat red arrows were an enigma to me.

What is CPC and Suggested bid?

According to Google ~

What did ad impression share really mean?  I had to do math to figure out if my keyword will work? I really did not want to do math. Granted, I’m Asian and I’m “supposed to be good at math.” But sorry to disappoint – I suck at math.

I just wanted to know which keywords worked and which did not, that’s all!

I hope you feel the same way as I do. I could’ve put in a little more effort to utilize Google keyword planner tool for my business but it just wasn’t intuitive. I just really wanted a tool that would tell me, “this keyword is good and that one is bad.” I only have so much time in the world to decipher things and keyword deciphering was not one of them.

Is there a tool that can simplify the process?

I’m just going to say, without further adieu – Yes there is! When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I learned about Jaaxy. Simply put, this keyword research tool was what I needed to have on hand. Remember when I said that I wanted something that would tell me if the keyword was good or bad? Jaaxy basically did that for me.

Here, I typed in the search term, “How to start an online business.” Jaaxy searched for this and gave me the results. Do you see the red, yellow and green buttons? Those little colored circles are my godsend!

  • Red means too much competition – don’t use.
  • Yellow means medium competition – proceed with caution.
  • Green means go for it!

    How to find the ultimate keywords for your website
    Just like signal lights. So helpful!

I liked that I could see the results immediately!

No need to fiddle around with calculations or suggested bids. Jaaxy gives you all the keyword information in its entirety. It even helps you find an available domain name to fit your potential website name.

Another feature Jaaxy offers is a  search analysis of other competitor sites that are utilizing the same keywords that you have chosen. For those who are interested to see the statistics, this feature is helpful. How to find the ultimate keywords for your website

Incorporating Jaaxy helped simplify my research process and sped up my learning curve, so I could get right to building my online business efficiently. No need to figure out and stumble through CPC’s or Ad impression shares.

Learning is key!

Of course, I had to learn how to utilize my keywords properly. The Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform taught me how to incorporate my chosen keywords, so that my posts will be SEO ready to rank #1 on Google searches. (By the way, SEO, along with the ultimate keywords, is the one of the most important lessons I learned about ranking my website.)

#1 on Google pages

#1 is important. Not in an arrogant way but in a smart business way. The goal for my business is to have people/customers visit my site. Who wants to have a business with no traffic? It would just sit uselessly on page 340,000 – unknown and lost. I want to have the best tools to help drive my online business to the top and I’m sure that’s true for you as well, right?

 Jaaxy Pros and Cons


  • 30 free searches
  • Save keywords searches by list names
  • Easy and intuitive searches
  • Color coded buttons indicate good or bad keyword
  • No software to download
  • No credit card required during free trial
  • Training and support included
  • Affiliate program available
  • Brainstorm feature to get additional keywords
  • Helps narrow down broader keywords to fit your niche
  • Search analysis for other websites using the same keywords
  • Metrics are constantly updated to reflect actual Google searches
  • Pulls search results from all the search engines
  • SEO score feature will detail the worthiness of the keyword


  • Too many keywords to choose from
  • Researching keywords is not exciting but necessary
  • The free trial allows 30 free keyword search
  • Sometimes too may features can be overwhelming for newbies

Try it for free!

If you are still unsure if Jaaxy will be worthwhile, try it for free.

Jaaxy Starter — Free

Jaaxy Pro — $19/month, $199/year  ( I use this one.)

Jaaxy Enterprise — $49/ month, $499/year (discount price extended)

Click here to find out which Jaaxy will best suit your keyword research needs.

Go ahead and do a keyword research in the box below regarding something you are passionate about. See what kind of results pop-up! It’s a great tool to start finding the ultimate keywords to drive your website to #1!

Score ~ 98/100. Highly recommended. Once I have more domains to work with, I will upgrade to Enterprise. Other than that, I trust Jaaxy Pro to provide the ultimate keywords for my website. Unless I find something else out there that’s more intuitive than Jaaxy, I will remain with this keyword tool for a very long time.

Find your ultimate keywords today! 

Thank you for reading my review on the Jaaxy keyword research tool. If you have a rave or a rant about a research tool that you have tried, feel free to input into the comment section.

Also, if I can answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Again, thank you for visiting Liberation 2035. Much success to you!



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28 Replies to “How to Find the Ultimate Keywords for Your Website ~ A Jaaxy Review”

  1. Hi Cindy!
    An awesome post about Jaaxy! Well done!
    Comparing google keyword planner with Jaaxy, is really great! I like using Jaaxy, too. It is a great tool and very easy to use it.
    The review is good, well organised and with the appropriate images. Great work!

    1. Hi Balsam,
      I love Jaaxy!I hope you have been able to get some good ranking keywords with it. Have you tried the the site rank feature? That’s how I check where my post is ranking. It’s like I’m playing the slot machines – I pull the lever and 1,2,3 – jackpot! “Your post is page 1, position 1.” So exciting!

      I certainly hope that you are achieving some well positioned posts with your KW’s! Thank you again for stopping by and adding your valuable comment in support ofJaaxy!

      Best wishes to you!


  2. Hi Cindy
    Your story is so inspiring. Thank you for the detailed review on the the Jaaxy keyword tool. I had been evaluating going all in on the tool. Reading this i’ve just made my decision 🙂
    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Prosper,

      I also do a lot of research and evaluating (sometimes too much) before I make a decision. I’m glad I could help you have the confidence to go forward with this! You are very welcomed!


  3. Hi Cindy,
    Jaaxy is truly an awesome keyword tool. I think if you can use Jaaxy to find keywords and use the keywords appropriately you have got it made. There are not many keyword tools like Jaaxy offering 30 free searches. The Authors who used Jaaxy always have pages ranking on page 1 on Google.
    Jaaxy is by far one of the best keyword tools.


    1. Hi Luna,
      Thanks for your comment! It is the best that I’ve encountered so far. Sounds like you are pretty familiar with it! Appreciate your thought!


  4. Clearly one of the strengths of Jaaxy is its utility. Easy to use and much of the legwork is done for the budding online entrepreneur. Appreciated your testimonial that it works — and works well.

    1. Hi Steve,

      I appreciate your comment! I feel confident in recommending Jaaxy to, especially budding entrepreneurs. It is indeed intuitive and we’ll worth the it.

      Thanks again for your input!

  5. Hi, Cindy,

    I too love Jaaxy, especially the street light approach (Red-stop, Yellow-caution, and Green-go) for finding profitable keywords for our websites. You are correct about the confusion you can get with other Keyword tools. I too have been there. Sometimes the headings or the metrics of the search results are difficult to figure out, leaving you wondering what it pertains to. However, in Jaaxy, there is so much more sense to it. This helps significantly in getting the proper keywords to use for your site. Jaaxy is a great tool! Great review!

    1. Hi Randy,
      Thank you for the confirmation that Jaaxy is a great tool for all our keyword research. I would like to be a pro at understanding the metrics of certain tools but it’s certainly not my cup of tea! I just want to write some good content with great keywords that Google likes. (I’m really trying to be besties with Google these days, lol!)

      I’m glad we can all make sense of how Jaaxy works. I hope that you are finding awesome keywords yourself! See you on page #1 in the search engines!

      Blessings to you.

  6. Hi, Cindy.

    I love Jaaxy. Like you say in your review, I love that you can see at a glance which keywords are high quality (green) and which ones suck (red). Also, I love that you can easily select the ones you like and save them in a keyword list that you can come back to and reference at any time.

    Of course, one of the best features is that no one has to take your or my word for it. In fact, I would encourage everyone to be skeptical and try out the 30 free searches for yourself. If you don’t like it, there’s no obligation to buy a paid membership… but I think you will like it. There may be other keyword tools out there that do what Jaaxy does, but they’re not affordable. Jaaxy is the ultimate value in keyword research.

    1. Hello Andy,

      I’m glad we don’t have to worry about sucky keywords anymore, right! I’m super confident after I use Jaaxy because I know it works. Yes, definitely try it for free everyone!

      Glad you are on board! Thanks for stopping by, Andy! Hope you are doing well and seeing some great success with your online business!

      Take care!

  7. Hello there Cindy,
    You have written a great article! Thanks for taking the time and giving such a wonderful review. I SO TOTALLY AGREE with you about that ‘math thing’ – it is surely not my ‘forte’. SO, when you spoke about all those numbers when you do the Google thing…I would have been lost there too.LOL

    I have never heard of Jaaxy. I love the color codes. Just like you, I get excited when the colors align themselves and make my work easier. I will have to look into getting some more information on Jaaxy. Of course, I will start with your free trial that you have suggested here in your article.

    I am just starting out in the world wide web and I need every tool that will help me rank with Mr/Miss Google – I, too, would love being on page #1!
    Thanks again, and much success to you.

    You may not be the typical Asian and math expert, but you found your way around the words section! 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for taking the time to read Jaaxy review. I can’t say enough about this keyword program. It has definitely simplified my life. I’m sure I’ve mentioned to other readers, but I really have to tout this program again – it is THE tool to find the less competitive keywords so you can confidently know that you will rank well (remember to write content that Google likes as well.) I hope that you will see the remarkable benefits of this tool. And my best wishes to you as you build your online presence! Have a great day!

  8. Hi Cindy
    Keywords are so important, and I agree with you that the Google keyword tool is very confusing to use!
    So a keyword tool which is simple to use, like Jaaxy, sounds like something I definitely need! I really like the “traffic light” system which you describe. I think that I will be investigating Jaaxy further.
    Very many thanks for alerting me to it,
    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hi Chrissie,
      Jaaxy is definitely a cool tool. I’ve been touting its benefits to everyone! I don’t know if I will fully understand Google Keyword tool but maybe someday, I’ll take look again. Good luck in everything you do.

      Let me know if I can answer any questions for you!


  9. Hi Cindy thanks for this great tool. I’ve been reading about keywords and thought I was doing it right until I came across your review. This tool is awesome, thank you so much. I was shocked after putting my same keywords in Jaxxy that I had been using and wow how wrong was I. 🙂 I at least know now where I went wrong. It’s now given me an energy boost to start writing more posts and I’m excited to see the results. Thanks again Cindy

    1. Graham,
      This tool IS awesome. I just can’t start a post without using Jaaxy. I think as a one time newbie, I wasn’t aware of keywords and competition. I just used any ol’ words. So, I wanted to write something helpful to let people know, especially those who are starting out, that using the less competitive keywords is so important and you can do that so well with Jaaxy! Glad you are getting a chance to use it Graham! Have a very pleasant and productive day!


  10. Hi Cindy,

    this tool seems to be really easy to use, but then again with a lot of features. I like the part that you can just type in what you had in mind and then get better alternatives, that is very nice. You also mention a lot of other features, do you use them all the time or are they more for the analysis? How often do you do analysis of your work?

    This does look wonderful, but with that more information from an experienced user would be nice.

    Hope to hear from you 🙂

    1. Hi Odd,
      I use the keyword research all the time. I occasionally use the site rank feature to see if one of more posts have ranked within the top 5 pages. So far, so good! Like I’ve mentioned to other readers, Jaaxy is one tool that I will always use before I write anything.

      I’m not quite sure what you meant by the “more information from an experienced user would be nice” but you can actually take Jaaxy for a spin and try it out for free. There’s also some very informative training videos that may help you understand Jaaxy’s benefits and how it can help you choose the best keywords for your posts. Once you use it and have your own user experience, you will begin to understand why I find this to be the best keyword research tool to date.
      Hope I helped at least a bit in your understanding. Take care and blessings to you!

  11. Hi Cindy,

    I’m still laughing about your comment about not being good at math. I grew up in a university town. A large percentage of the professors in engineering, math and other sciences were Asian, so I fully understand the sterotyple. They were brilliant and nice people.

    I think you are brilliant for discovering Wealthy Affiliate and the keyword research tool. It sounds like a great tool. I am seriously considering using it myself. Thank you for the review.

    1. Hi Sondra,
      I’m glad you got a laugh out of it! I swear, math is not my thing. And guess what I have to do as well? Help my 12 year old with her math. Actually, she is very good at it. I just correct her assignments – thank goodness for the teacher’s guide. All the answers are in there, haha!

      Yes, take a look at Jaaxy and see if that is something you can utilize for your keyword research. I use it all the time and one of my posts is moving up in the ranks and not stuck on page 350,000. Have a wonderful day and thanks for all your insightful comments!

  12. This a great keyword search tool, lucky I found this review as I’ve been looking for a keyword search tool that’s easier to use and more importantly understand. This tool seems to be much easier than other ones I’ve looked at. I’ll have to check this out.

    1. Grace,
      It’s an excellent tool that I highly recommend for many reasons. I’m glad you plan to check it out. Hope you find it useful for your future posts and ranking.

  13. Hi Cindy,
    Jaaxy seems like the right tool for me. I too just want to to know which keywords to use and which ones to avoid so that I can concentrate on writing my content – which is work in itself without having to work on some algorithm for the best keywords 🙂 Thanks for the insight!!!
    BTW Is the feature of being able to run a search analysis of other competitor sites only available within the Pro edition?

    1. Hi Jackie,
      I’m glad this was helpful for you. I’m sure you know, that having a website business requires some good tools. Thank goodness for Jaaxy. Because I’m pretty simplistic and limited for time – just tell me what works and what doesn’t so I can move on is the best thing for me.

      Pro edition does provide you with search analysis of other competitors. I just used it the other night to search my competitors before I started to write a post. From looking at that, I’m able to determine how much more I can do to compete with those websites ranking on page 1-5. Hope that helps.

      Have fun using Jaaxy! Much success to you,

  14. Hey Cindy,

    This sounds like a great tool. I get a bit confused when trying to find the best keywords. I can really resonate with your comment “I just wanted to know which keywords worked and which didn´t. That´s all!! Jaaxy looks like it simplifies all of this and the traffic light system is a great feature that wiil save a lot of time.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention


    1. Hi Sean,

      Jaaxy has definitely helped me gain more confidence to find the keywords for all my posts. Before I realized that there exists certain keywords that are best for ranking my posts, I just used any words for my titles. But there is indeed a certain method and yes, I love the red, yellow and green light feature. I hope that you found my post helpful and had a chance to take Jaaxy for a free spin! Best wishes to you and thank you for reading my post!

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