How To Find A Niche For A Website ~ 4 Tips To Get You Started

What is a niche?How to find a niche for a website

A niche is basically a topic for your website.

Setting up an online business requires a niche.

Some niches are broad and some niches are small.

When you are on the internet, you are essentially looking at niches for any particular website. Just think about all the niches you encounter when you are ~

  • Looking for an answer to a problem
  • Researching a product that you are planning to purchase
  • Getting some instructions on how to do something
  • Planning a vacation

But when I first started, I had such a difficult time wrapping my head around how to find a niche for my website.  I wasn’t quite sure where to start.

Do I find a niche that everyone else is doing or do I go with my interests?

Well, after I learned how to start an online business through Wealthy Affiliate’s Training platform, I learned that finding a niche for my website wasn’t so difficult.

Tip 1 ~ Find a niche by looking in the mirror

You can find a niche just by looking at your own interests. What are you passionate about? What topics do you love to talk about? How about a hobby? A belief? An experience?

For example, I have built Liberation 2035 as a business site. But I have another website, The Hungry Chilipinos that focuses on my passion for food. I love to talk about the foods that I grew up eating. I also offer my readers handy tips on cooking and reviews for products and local restaurants that I’ve tried.

Writing about the subject of food really excites me. It’s a fun and easy topic. I know a lot about food, so I feel really confident to write about that subject and be believable for that niche.

By being believable, we become an authority. Thus, an authority will be able to genuinely show, offer and help  readers/customers resolve a problem, gain valuable information or help them answer a question.

Once we speak as an authority, we can build trust with my readers. Trust is the key to making money on your website.

Niches that never go away ~

  • Health and Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Business/Making Money
  • Cooking
  • Parenting & Kids

Do any of those topics have potential for you? Can you see yourself building an online business around those topics?

Brainstorm a little and see what else you can come up with.

Then, find a smaller topic (sub-niche)

Once you decide on your niche,  let’s drill it down to a smaller topic.

Why? Because a smaller topic, or a sub-niche is less competitive and will give you a better chance to make money.

Just think of it this way ~ do you want to compete with and try to talk about and sell everything that they do?

No. You just cannot compete with the big fishes.

But, if you take a niche and break it down into a smaller segment, you have a keener focus on one segment of the people in your niche.

There’s also less competition for those keywords in a smaller niche.


Niche: Weight Loss


  • Weight loss for women over 40
  • Weight loss for men over 50
  • Weight loss by eating a plant-based diet
  • Weight loss by juicing
  • Weight loss using natural supplements
  • Weight loss by incorporating 5 minutes of speed walking
  • Weight loss by drinking lemon water in the morning

There are so many sub-niches about weight loss and these smaller sub-niches will also be the subjects you will write about within your website.

 Tip 2 ~ Find a niche/subniche through

How to find a niche for a website

Amazon is also a great place to find your niches and sub-niches! Find the products that are best sellers, with tons of reviews and you will have ideas galore.

As you can see, there are 35,390 results for the topic weight loss for women.  The choices are endless. You will have no trouble finding your topics here.

You can choose to promote ~

  • Supplements
  • Juicers
  • DVD exercise programs
  • Exercise equipment
  • Books

Plus, if you shop on Amazon, you are primed to find a niche.

My personal shopping experience always involves Amazon. I usually look for electronics and food stuff.

I also read the Amazon reviews to know if the product is worthy for purchase. (Side tip: Oh yes, you can find some great niches reading reviews as well!)

Using your past buying experiences can ultimately help you understand how to use big sites like Amazon to fulfill your niche research.

(Side Tip: Once you have found a niche, sign on to Amazon’s affiliate program. It’s a great first start for a newbie starting point.)

Tip 3 ~ Look at what people are talking about on Social Media

On social media, you will find people talking about a ton of topics. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and the likes. Go into those sites and take a look at some of the burning questions people are asking.

  • Can you see a niche forming from the questions asked?
  • Can you offer a solution by building a website around that niche?
  • Can you find products or services that will help answer those questions?

If yes, then you can have a very successful niche website by incorporating social media topics.

Tip 4 ~ Google “Forums” 

Forums can offer so much insight and ideas for a niche. As you can see, by searching for “forums”, you will have instant access to potential niches.

How to find a niche for a website

People will post rants, raves, questions and whatever the forum has to offer or vice versa.

A while back, I read through a forum about kids and healthy eating (I’m trying to “help” my daughter eat healthier. She gets annoyed with me.)

Kids and healthy eating ~ talk about finding some good niches. Questions were asked about how to’s, what if’s and the like. It helped me to curate at least 10-20 sub-niche topics to talk about.

Have you found your niche?

If you have, congratulations! I hope these starter steps have helped in that process. I know from here, you will be able to start building a successful website using your niche/ sub-niche.

If you would like to learn more about niches, learn from Kyle, founder of the Wealthy Affiliate training platform. I learned from him and couldn’t have gone this far without the program.

If you are interested in watching a “How to find a niche” video, click here. Very informative training that is taught by Kyle.

Ready to write content for your website but feeling anxious ? Read,  How to become a good content writer ~ No English degree required to help calm your anxiety and start writing with a confident voice!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope that it has been helpful. 

If you are still stumped about a niche or would like some feedback about your niche, please feel free to leave a comment below. I’m here to help!

Take care!


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