How to Escape the 9 to 5 ~ And the Daily Grind

How to escape the 9-5I am sure that everyone who is in the work force right now has dreamt about retiring early or escaping the daily grind of the 9-5 schedule. We talk about what we will do when we retire or dream about working our own flexible schedule – without being confined to an employer’s schedule.

But how to escape the 9-5 and still make an income? Is it possible?

Yes, but most of us do not know how to make this into a reality.

We are taught to be an employee

Like me, your employee paycheck is the lifeline to pay bills, buy groceries, pay rent/mortgage and basically exist. In order to do this, I was raised to believe that:

  • I must go to school
  • Earn a degree (maybe)
  • Get hired
  • Work 9-5
  • Earn my pay
  • Work my way up (maybe)

If you are nodding your head right now, you probably were taught the same thing and wondering ~

Is there more to this?

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have a job. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. But just to let you know, my target retirement date is 2035.  At this time, it is 2017. Calculate that and I have 18 years left. For some of you, the target date may be less than 2035 or more than 2035. Nevertheless, I think I have a while to go with the clocking in Monday through Friday, receiving a two week vacation and hoping for an annual cost-of-living raise.

Does this drum up some dread in you?

It drums up dread in me. I want to ditch all that and enjoy my life before my bones get tired, my hair becomes gray and my bedtime changes to 7 pm. It feels so out of reach.

So I have to accept the daily grind of 9-5.

From Monday to Friday, this is my routine:

  • Morning commute
  • Clock in
  • Attend a mildly productive meeting
  • Attend to the daily work tasks
  • Take a lunch break – to run some errands
  • Clock in from lunch
  • Resume the work tasks
  • Finish the day
  • Clock out
  • Sit in traffic
  • And do it all over again until the age of 65 or more.

65 or more … give me a break!

I want to enjoy my life before my arthritis kicks in! I cannot see myself clocking in to work until I’m 65 or maybe even 70. I’ll be this old, gray haired person pushing through the years until that elusive age of retirement. Then, I have to hope my Social Security benefits and 401k will be optimal to support my lifestyle during the golden years.

My work schedule, not my employer’s schedule

If I have to continue working, I would like to have the flexibility to choose my own hours and work anywhere and at anytime. I would like to take a vacation with my family when I choose and be with them for more than the two weeks allotted by my employer.

What to do?

What can I do to retire early or to be my own boss but still have a stream of income to support my family and pay the bills? It had to make sense and it can’t be a scam. So, I googled “how to make money online”, “how to make money doing what I love” and “how to start a business online.” And it all came to me.

  • I loved writing
  • I wanted to make money doing something I loved
  • I wanted to make money online
  • I wanted to help others achieve the same thing

So I started an online business!

I convinced my husband Mel, who has since joined me to create an online business. I thought he was going to say, “Oh quit dreaming. An online business?” Ok, you might be thinking the whole online market is not for you and who really makes money doing the online thing? 

Honestly, I felt the same way. Just to let you know, this decision didn’t come lightly. I went back and forth on it. But as I got older each year, I wanted to find something that could afford me and my family not only an income but these more important things ~

More time to spend with family

Freedom to choose my work hours

More time to do something I am passionate about

Retire early and travel

“But hey”, I said to myself, “why not just start it.” Nothing gained, nothing lost. The worse thing would be just losing some money to a hosting site. So, I went for it.

How do I start an online business

“How do I start an online business?” ~ It begins with these steps ~

To begin, I would first like to introduce you to some introductory steps. These steps are simplified so not to overwhelm you with a lot of information. Here we go.

Find a need and fill it.

I like to help people. I’m a fixer. When I see a person in need or have a question that I can help answer, I try my best to help. When I started my online business, I asked, “people would like to retire early or have the flexible schedule/be their own boss, so what can I do to help them achieve that goal?” Think about the last time you had a need. What was it and who or what filled it for you?

Design and build an easy-to-use website.

The website is your business home. This is where people will see your product and your services. Your website can be as elaborate as you would like or as simple as you would like. When I first started to build my website, I used WordPress and a hosting company for my website name.

Write content that sells.

Once you create your website, you will create content that tells people about your products and services. This part is a little scary for some, but with training, you will understand that it isn’t all that scary.

Get some helpful tips on How to be a good content writer” and start writing some great content today!

Use search engines to drive traffic to your site.

Have you heard of SEO? This means “Search Engine Optimization.” Essentially, it is a tool that online business owners use to drive traffic to their website.

Become a passionate authority for your business.

I love to cook and I know a lot about cooking. Because I do, I have the authority and confidence to help my circle of friends and family with their cooking skills. I do better promoting things that I am passionate about.

Create income through your products or affiliate marketing.

There are a number of ways to make money with your business. Some like to create their own products and sell it. For me, I like to use affiliate marketing. Basically, I choose a company, link them to my website and when someone buys from my website, the company handles all the processing and I get paid a percentage.

But you love your job!

That’s great! A lot of people do love their job and do better working for an employer. And if you are someone who has invested time and money learning your trade, by all means, do not waste it.

My entrepreneurial spirit

As for me, my entreprenurial spirit keeps nagging at me. I have always been compelled to be my own boss. Creating an online business will allow me to work ~

  • anywhere with internet connection (like a tropical island beachfront!)
  • make my own hours
  • get paid while I’m sleeping
  • have more hours to volunteer
  • spend more time with my son and daughter

Online business success is no joke

Online business owners all over the internet have succeeded in making 6 figure to million dollar incomes by ~

  • blogging
  • affiliate marketing
  • creating e-books
  • selling their own products
  • dropshipping
  • and much more

These successful online business owners of course, put in a lot of hours at the beginning stages.

But these hours were what made them successful. They learned, they implemented, they grew, they perservered.

That focus has secured their financial future. They still work at it, but it’s not just about the money ~ it’s the freedom they have now to do all the things that freedom allows. 

What is Liberation 2035?

I created this website to help others learn how to build an online business. Although I would love to say I know everything about creating an online business, I don’t know enough.

I got my knowledge by training with a program called Wealthy Affiliate. By being a Wealthy Affiliate user, I have learned how to start my online business step-by-step.

Hang out here and let me help!

I want Liberation 2035 to be a place of value to those who are desiring to know how to escape the 9-5, wanting to be their own boss or striving to retarget their retirement day.

Thanks for visiting Liberation 2035. I appreciate you and hope that your 2017 is filled with much success.

By the way, I value everyone’s feedback, so if you don’t mind leaving a comment below,  I would love to know ~

  • Where you are at in your work life?
  • When is your retirement date?
  • What are your success goals for this year?

Blessings and much success to you.
Cindy and Mel


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