How To Become A Good Content Writer – No English Degree Required!

How to become a good content writer

Structure and research, ugh!

I graduated with a BA in English literature. For four years, I studied different genres and periods of literature. Almost all of my essays had to support a thesis which started with points a,b,c and ending with points x,y,z.

I was also bound by lots of analysis, research, structure, citations and revisions. Following those confines, I produced pretty mediocre stuff. Like, C + stuff. <Sigh.> I didn’t enjoy writing very much but I guess I learned to write under a deadline and learned to follow the constraints of a structured essay. The struggle was real!

Well, I did like poetry classes a lot! They were the best ~ poetry was a breath of fresh air and I felt more freedom to express myself. (I think I got my best grades in those classes.)

Despite the “mundacity” of my English courses,  I made it through and graduated. But that degree, which is stuck somewhere in my file cabinet, doth not make me a good content writer.

Ya have a degree. You must know something!How to become a good content writer

Oh folks, you may think I have a leg up because I hold a degree. You may think, “well , she should know how to write good content. Geez, you don’t just pay a lot of money and not learn anything.”  Wrong! Having a degree in English does not make for a good writer and I didn’t go to college with an intent on becoming a content writer. (By the way, college was cheap back in my day. Four years, $18k. Bargain!)

Well, what does that mean for you? It means everything! You are actually a good writer and you just don’t know it. Good news! Good content writing isn’t dependent on any degree – it just begins with these ~

Your voice and knack for conversation

So, when I write my posts, I like to write with a pretty casual voice. I also like to be genuine and approachable so I can engage my audience and have this really easy going conversation.  I want to reach out to you with my words. I want to speak to you as if you were right there, sitting down with me, enjoying a cup of coffee while I have a conversation with you about whatever is of interest. I find my voice and I use it. Find yours and use it as well.

Write about the obvious and the familiar

  • Write about your day
  • Write about your experiences
  • Write about your How to become a good content writerhurts
  • Write about your wants
  • Write about your passions
  • Write about your goals

As you write about those things, you will develop your voice. I truly believe you will have an “Aha” moment as you write about subjects that are so part of you.

Write organicallyHow to become good content writer

When I first heard this phrase, “write organically”, I thought it sounded like some hippy weirdo technique. I thought, “do I have to write about organic fruits and vegetables?” I mean, how do you write organically?

Well, it’s just another term to say, just write freely and spontaneously. For example, before I edited this post about “How to become a good content writer”, it was a jumbled mess. I had no outline. I didn’t care about grammar, spacing, spelling or anything. Seriously, it was a hot mess.

But the mess really works for me, every time. When I write organically, I don’t feel restricted to write something perfect at the first go. Without confining myself to write perfectly at the beginning, I allow all my thoughts, opinions and knowledge to be expressed freely in one ugly giant paragraph. PlusHow to become a good content writer, I like to just blah blah blah sometimes! (It’s kinda cathartic.)

I then, edit and format the post. I “beautify” it before I publish. And this is what you are reading. The “beautified” version.

Organic also means unprocessed, chemical free, nothing artificial

How does that fit into good content? Well, let’s see. Would yHow to become a good content writerou rather read something that deeply resonates with you or read something that’s phony baloney?

When I was writing my third post, 10 things successful people do ~ or should be doing in life or work I was intent on writing something of substance. I didn’t want to write about “yeh, success is about money, cars and mansions.” That isn’t me. I wanted to write something that really meant more than material or artificial things.

I wanted to write about the deeper meaning of success. I didn’t intend to become so personal and raw, but it just evolved because I allowed myself to go there. (I got kind of teary.)

I think sometimes writing the real stuff produces the most relatable content. So,  write unprocessed, from the heart and true to yourself stuff. It will really resonate with your readers.

 Tell stories

Telling a story is key. How to become a good content writerTelling a story can help your audience relate to your writing in the most powerful

Comedians do this all the time! They tell stories that are relatable! That’s what makes them funny because comedians know how to write content that pushes all the right buttons. You can’t help but laugh and say, “Yeh, that’s so true! I absolutely relate to that!”

My favorite comedian is Russell Peters. He is the king of making fun of Asian culture and of himself. I can totally relate to his jokes because they are spot on. His stories are true to life and that’s what makes him so funny!


Find your element

My husband thinks he’s a bad writer. Even when he’s texting someone, he always feels like he’s written something poorly. He’s never confident that he has made his point, so he’ll ask me to edit his stuff.

“Um, I’m not an editor, babe.” Plus, sometimes I just don’t get what he is trying to say! I don’t mean to roll my eyes and be unhelpful, but I have to tell him to just write what he means. I cannot convey his thoughts!

On the same note, when this same man starts strumming his guitar, he transforms into this amazingly eloquent song writer. In his element, he is confident and writes what he means. Find your element and start writing what you mean.

The money making part of good contentHow to become a good content writer

Part of writing good content is knowing which keywords to use in your posts. If you desire to monetize your website, it is essential to find the low competing keywords relevant to your content. Why? Because keywords and great content help to drive your website to a highly ranked page on Google search.

Think about this – if you are a restaurant, a retail store or a professional service, would you like to have tons of customers or no customers at all? Without a doubt, tons of customers.

If you are an online business or a blogger, would you want to be on the first page of Google search or page 340,000? Of course page #1. Your goal as a good content writer is to use low competing keywords and write natural, engaging, original content that Google likes to see.

Ready to write that viral post, build a website, make money doing what you love? Read this post and learn from a company that has helped tons of people achieve success step-by-step! 

So, how do I find those keywords?How to become a good content writer

When I first started, I had no idea what keywords to use. But eventually, I found out about Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool through the Wealthy Affiliate training platform. This keyword research tool is my saving grace! I think it’s very user friendly and efficient. Believe me, if you are busy writing posts, you will want a keyword research tool that you can trust. There’s no second guessing involved when you use Jaaxy.

Here is my Jaaxy review if you want to know more about it.

The conclusion

How to become a good content writer does not require an English degree. Thank goodness, right?

Believe me, even with a degree, I’m nowhere near an expert when it comes to good content writing.

I  just know ~

  • my voice
  • I write about the obvious
  • I write organically
  • I tell stories
  • I am in my element
  • I don’t try to be the perfect writer

Try to incorporate some of these tips and start writing away. I bet you will be really surprised and excited about what you can produce!

Ready to write that viral post, build a website, make money doing what you love? Read this post and learn from a company that has helped tons of people achieve success step-by-step!

Again, thank you for visiting Liberation 2035. I really appreciate that you took the time to read my post.

If you would like to share your tips on how to become a good content writer, I would love to see them! Feel free to leave a comment below!

Much success and blessings,


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30 Replies to “How To Become A Good Content Writer – No English Degree Required!”

  1. Great content Cindy, I am glad my style of writing is what you consider to be ideal. I myself try to hold a conversational, relaxed tone when writing out my content, gotta make your readers feel comfortable and welcome right? I also agree that telling your readers personal stories about yourself is a great form of content, at least if the story you tell is relevant to your website and its content, that is.

    1. Hey Lorenzo,

      Good to know you have the same style! Stories are awesome and yes, it has to be relevant so our readers are not confused!

      Thank you for stopping by and appreciate your thoughts!


  2. Hi Cindy,
    Great post on writing techniques and beautifying content. What an awesome way to keep readers engaged. Excellent advice on low competition relevant keywords…this is important and I also use Jaxxy. It is a great tool to have in the toolbox.

    keep bringing us this great helpful information.
    Yours truly, Howard

    1. Hi Howard,
      Thanks for stopping by! Content writing is a lot of fun once someone gets his or her technique down. I’m glad you found this post useful! Have a great day!


  3. Great post. Appreciate the tips on writing organically and telling stories – good stories. I’m going forward with building out my website now and hopefully my content will be engaging and get ranked fast!

    Enjoyed this and will utilize some key points!

    1. Thanks MJ!
      I’m glad it was helpful. Once you get into the groove of writing, you will start knowing your writing persona. Try Jaaxy out if you need a very intuitive keyword tool finder. I always use it before I write a post. The key is to find the low competition keyword, write really great content and just make your site valuable to your readers! Always appreciate feedback like yours!


  4. Hello there Cindy,
    You get an A in my books! This is a fantastic article.

    You have written so many valid points! Getting a college degree in ANYTHING is not a sure-fire way to do anything better than anyone else – this I have found out to be true.

    The basic points that you have given on how to ace content writing is so ‘on the money’ – I LOVE it!
    I also will have to do some research on that Jaaxy keyword research tool you spoke about. I am just starting out online and I need all the help I can get.

    I want to say thank you again for such a tremendously informative article.
    Much success to you.


    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for sticking around and your comment is so appreciated! I really enjoyed writing this post and I really feel good that it has been a helpful one as well. I just wanted to convey to everyone who has struggled with content writing – it’s ok. Once you start writing, it will flow. Do it often and just…. do it :). I’m very glad to help! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Cindy
    Thank you so much for these great tips, which you illustrate so well in your own writing.
    It is so obvious when you think about it – people do not want to work hard to understand what they are reading when they read a blog post, they want to relax and enjoy it just as if they were having a conversation with you, as you say.
    I really like your style of writing.
    Thanks again

    1. Chrissie,
      Hey again! Thanks alot for reading this post! I really enjoyed writing it! I think people, like me, have to deal with so much information so all I want is to find something I can really relate to and just get what I need.

      Plus, the more I write, the more I develop my style. And it’s helpful to know that I’m helping others understand that writing isn’t so difficult!
      Take care and thanks again for visiting!


  6. Hi Cindy I really like this post thank you for sharing your thoughts. I never thought I was that good at writing and I hated reading too. Not a great start lol. But it is strange how starting a website can change this. I started a site 6 weeks ago and now I absolutely love writing. I have a similar style to yourself, I just writing how if I feel and then sort the grammar and the content out by reading through it a few more times before I post. I never thought I’d enjoy writing but the pages just keep flowing. Although Grammarly is also an extremely useful tool to support with that too. By using this my writing has massively improved now I barely have many mistakes. It’s great. Thanks again for sharing this great post!

    1. Hi Graham,
      Congrats on starting your website. Isn’t it exciting and terrifying at the same time? It’s nice to write and have it flow. I think I’ve mentioned in another comment how nightmarish it is when one has writers block! So, I have to really buckle in and just free write and let it flow.

      I’ve read a review about Grammarly and it’s a very useful tool. Thanks for mentioning that!
      Good wishes to you as you build up your online presence! Let me know if I can help!


  7. Cindy,

    I love reading your posts because they are in a conversational style. I tend to write that way myself, so I am glad to see that this style makes our content more interesting.

    Thank you for sharing these tips. I need to check out Jaaxy.

    P.s. Thank you for sharing the video also. He is funny.

    1. Hello hello!
      Hey, great minds think alike! I am so glad to help! I think I would suck as a tecnical writer because it’s so specific and a little boring, right?

      Hehe, Russell Peters is sooo funny! Omigosh, I watch his videos over and still laugh! Enjoy your day!

  8. Thank you for your great tips, Cindy.

    I find writing content as a pretty challenging part of my website. That is one of the reasons I’m searching other sites, to get some tips and hints of how it works. Thank you for your contribution to the expansion of knowledge on the theme (hope that make sense…)

    I know about keyword search and the importance of it, but you present a tool for it, how cool is that! I’m heading over to look at your review on it.

    Yeah, content, stories and keywords, makes sense. You like to tell about the things you are interested in, so you tell that story and use the main words as keywords. Would that be an ok summary?

    1. Hi Odd,
      Thank you for visiting my website! I am with you – I often research on other sites to get some tips from other seasoned writers as well. I think it helps me to broaden my knowledge and confirm that I am on the right track.
      Also, telling stories is so much easier because it’s more colorful and engaging for our readers. It’s more personal and interesting. You summarize it very well!
      The Jaaxy tool is a very useful tool and with every post, I use it to choose the keywords that apply to my subject. So, it’s worth looking at and gives you a chance to know your competition – which is very cool.
      I hope you continue to incorporate a lot of tips and if you ever need anything, let me know! I’m always trying to add some helpful stuff on my website. Have a very successful day!

  9. Hi Cindy, thanks for writing on this topic. Sometimes I get unmotivated or just don’t know what to write. You have given me ideas to always keep things fresh and I don’t have to worry about writing perfectly. Blogging can be hard at times but with your tips, I think I can do better. Thanks again and glad I found your post. 🙂

    1. Hi again,
      I know – blogging is hard sometimes. Writer’s block and lack of motivation is a nightmare. Right now, I don’t want to edit one of my posts because I’m feeling lazy, ugh! But I must just get some motivation and just do it.

      Anyway, glad my tips helped out! That’s worth my time!
      Take care,

  10. Thank you for the post Cindy. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am new to content writing and always find myself struggling with what to write next. I find myself reworking my posts almost endlessly. You have given me a lot of great tips which I will try to incorporate into my next blog post.

    1. Hi Joe,
      I totally understand the struggle as well. It takes some thought to write – a thoughtful post. I also find that it does take some time to edit and refine and get a little impatient because I want to be done. But at the end of the day, as we progress in our writing, it gets a little bit easier and more intuitive.

      I’m glad you found it helpful and thank you for taking the time to visit!

  11. I needed this boost so much Cindy!!! Thanks. I have a website and struggling with writing posts. I was toying with the idea of commissioning someone from Fiverr to write my posts for me or enrol onto a Creative Writing course – which will cost me – to boost my Content Writing writing skills. However, after reading this article, I think I am good to go on my own!!. Your section “Write about the obvious and the familiar” has hit the nail on the head. These steps I can do seamlessly. I’ve never heard of writing organically before, this again makes sense!! Now to find great keywords, so my presence can be seen!!
    Blessings to you

    1. Hi Jackie,
      I’m so glad that you found some valuable tips from my post. If I could help some have that “aha” moment or save a few bucks and view this as a mini course in writing, I’ve accomplished something useful, right?

      I totally get where you are coming from. Sometimes I get extreme writer’s block and I struggle as well. So, I have to remind myself to take my own advice – just write about the obvious and familiar, be genuine.

      As for commissioning someone else to content write, it’s a valid option. I think for me, I’m a little unsure of how to convey my voice to another writer and have a truly genuine article that reflects who I am and what my website represents. But it’s a workable option for some.

      I hope you continue to write as much as you can. Looking forward to reading some of your posts. Much success to you and thank you again for your comment!


  12. Hi Cindy,

    I really enjoyed reading this post. The term “write organically” is a new one for me but a very useful one. I love to write and I am trying to develop my writing style and you have just given me some excellent ideas. I think the key for me now, after reading your post, is to try and be more natural. Hopefully this will result in articles that are more engaging.

    Thanks for the excellent advice.


    1. Hi Sean,
      I enjoy writing as well and I’m glad that you found some ideas to help you along. I know writing organically can help when I have writer’s block. And once I start, words and thoughts just start to flow out naturally.

      I hope that you will continue to work on your writing style. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes second nature to you!

      Thanks for reading my post! Have an excellent day!


  13. Hi, Cindy. I totally agree with you. In fact, I would add that sometimes, formal training can count against you. I find that when I try to fit my writing to what I learned in school, it sound boring and dry. If I just start typing away and not worry about those crazy formal rules I learned in school, my writing is much more interesting. I mean, who in real life asks someone, “So, from where are you?” since, you know, you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition.

    1. Hi Andy,
      What you said about formal rules is so spot on. Isn’t it easier just to write freely without all the formalities? I got a kick out of your preposition comment. I find myself unfollowing grammar rules a lot and I love it! I’m a better writer – feel less shackled and yes, much more engaging content. Before I write, I sometimes feel obligated to apologize to my grammar teachers for being so blatantly intentional about my writing, lol!

      But the truth of the matter, as you and I know, gotta write for our readers and not for grammar teachers. Thank you Andy, for reading my post! I really appreciated you insights! Enjoy your time as you write your next best article!

  14. You could really be a stand up comic & I don’t even know you ,but by reading your articles you have such a great sense of humor I feel comfortable from the first paragraph. your going to do well in this field &your BA in literature can only enhance your writing skills . I am looking forward to reading your content in the future. You’ve got a reader in me . I was hoping to see a subscribe button . you have real talent.. I also shared on my board on pintrest

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Thank you so much for your very kind comment! I find injecting a little humor always helps me connect with my awesome readers. So, I’m tickled I made you laugh! Yay! I hope that I can continue to spin out some good stuff because I really think its important to engage those who take the time to read my stuff. Thank you so much for sharing this on Pinterest! Wow, I’m honored! I hope you find future posts as interesting. Again, my greatest appreciation for your time! BTW, there is a subscribe – get more posts button on top of right of all my posts!
      Take care and blessings to you. Cindy

  15. Hello Cindy,
    I really enjoyed your post. It’s fresh and genuine and you give me useful insights to write my contents. I am not a mother language english speaker, but I try to do my best to make my content engaging. Nice article, it makes me want to come back and read more from you.


    1. Hi Francesco,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I am thrilled that you gained some insights ~ it’s worthwhile when I can help others out with whatever I can offer. English isn’t my first language either but I’ve been in the States for a long time, so I have no trouble. My mother language is passable these days but not as good as it should be. I see you have a site as well. I’m excited to visit it as well and read some of your posts! Again, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate you taking the time!

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