We Love To Eat Food ~ A Funny Story About Gluttony


We love to eat!

¬†We are Chilipinos and we love to eat food! You ask, what is a Chilipino? My side of the family is Chinese. My brother-in-law’s side is Filipino. Add Chinese plus Filipino together, we have Chilipino, which only means – two food loving cultures meshed together to create a eating machine of gigantic nom nom proportions.

MMM, those pictures below depicts all the favorite foods we love to eat when we are in Richmond, BC. So yum!

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Beware of Tiger Mom ~ A Scary Story


Chinese Tiger Moms

“You ver-lee speh-so”

Me thinks Chinese Tiger Moms are a special bunch. I was raised by one and it was an unforgettable experience.

Chinese Tiger Moms have an unwavering tenacity to steer their kids in the direction of their choice and not of your choice. Whether by shame, by guilt or just by giving us a certain look, Tiger Moms know how to motivate their kids (and that’s putting it kindly) to be who they want the kids to be.

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A Personal Post About A Girl

Don’t want to write this!

I just finished reading one of Jon Morrow’s post, “How To Quit Your Job, Move To Paradise, and Get Paid To Change The World.” He is a genius writer and creator of his website SmartBlogger. Every time I read one of his posts, I always feel challenged to write something deep. Every time!

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10 Things Successful People Do ~ Or Should Be Doing In Life And Work

10 things successful people do

Does money always equate success?

I think a majority of people will equate success with making a lot of money. Of course, money can buy many things and give you a comfortable life. But does money always equate success?

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