Sticks and Stones…….

Don’t want to write this!

I woke up today feeling distraught and unsettled. Why did I wake up to another story of another Asian being attacked because of Covid 19?

Disheartening. Discouraged. Outraged. Provoked.

I don’t want to write about “it”. I’m scared.  I don’t want to write this. But here I am.  I mean, typing and seeing these words on the computer screen is causing some tremendous pain in my heart. It’s hard to even write without feeling all riled up to the core.

I’m hating the memories it’s stirring up but I’m going to do it anyway. Continue reading “Sticks and Stones…….”

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CNN – Communist News Network

Back in the good ol’ days, I used to watch CNN. I thought they were a pretty respectable news network. This was in the ’90’s and CNN, for me, was the legit news station to watch. I mean, I had no cause to question the integrity of their stories. It just sounded like news to me. I mean, every news station seemed to be pretty unbiased during that time. Think straight-forward and truthful, right?

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We Love To Eat Food ~ A Funny Story About Gluttony


We love to eat!

 We are Chilipinos and we love to eat food! You ask, what is a Chilipino? My side of the family is Chinese. My brother-in-law’s side is Filipino. Add Chinese plus Filipino together, we have Chilipino, which only means – two food loving cultures meshed together to create a eating machine of gigantic nom nom proportions.

MMM, those pictures below depicts all the favorite foods we love to eat when we are in Richmond, BC. So yum!

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Beware of Tiger Mom ~ A Scary Story


Chinese Tiger Moms

“You ver-lee speh-so”

Me thinks Chinese Tiger Moms are a special bunch. I was raised by one and it was an unforgettable experience.

Chinese Tiger Moms have an unwavering tenacity to steer their kids in the direction of their choice and not of your choice. Whether by shame, by guilt or just by giving us a certain look, Tiger Moms know how to motivate their kids (and that’s putting it kindly) to be who they want the kids to be.

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How To Find A Niche For A Website ~ 4 Tips To Get You Started

What is a niche?How to find a niche for a website

A niche is basically a topic for your website.

Setting up an online business requires a niche.

Some niches are broad and some niches are small.

When you are on the internet, you are essentially looking at niches for any particular website. Just think about all the niches you encounter when you are ~

  • Looking for an answer to a problem
  • Researching a product that you are planning to purchase
  • Getting some instructions on how to do something
  • Planning a vacation

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I Want To Quit My Job But I’m Scared

I want to quit my job but I'm scared

Scared but stuck

That picture epitomizes how I felt about five months ago. I was at my wits end, working long hours and feeling tied down to my job. During that period, I wanted to quit my job so badly, but I was scared.

Scared because my job is the only income source and I have to provide for my family.

If you are a working parent, you probably know how that feels. You just don’t have the option to quit and throw caution to the wind.

Even if you wanted to, what income source would you have besides the one from your job? Continue reading “I Want To Quit My Job But I’m Scared”

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Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard vs Plugable Full-Size Keyboard

Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
Messy Wires!

I love portable devices and especially appreciate wireless! (I have a “wire” phobia – too many wires irritate me!)

I had recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and wanted a portable keyboard for it. I didn’t really like the tablet’s built-in digital keyboard because typing accurately took some work. Continue reading “Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard vs Plugable Full-Size Keyboard”

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