10 Things Successful People Do ~ Or Should Be Doing In Life And Work

10 things successful people do

Does money always equate success?

I think a majority of people will equate success with making a lot of money. Of course, money can buy many things and give you a comfortable life. But does money always equate success?

Let’s look at the following list of “10 things successful people do ~ or should be doing in life and work.”

Goal driven

Starting something is difficult. Being goal driven will help you define the results. Set attainable goals that you would like to accomplish each day. For me, I have two sets of goals ~ short term and long term.

Maybe for you, health and fitness, relationship or retirement goals are on your mind. Try to focus on one small goal per day, achieve it and move on to the next one. As you build momentum, start a focus on a monthly goal, take the steps to achieve it and continue on.

For my short term goals, it is stuff that I can accomplish on a daily basis, such as work on my blog/website and write 1  – 2 posts per day.

For my long term goals, I set them out by months or by year. My goal’s are both personal and business related. As I am a total list person, it is so helpful for me to see the list everyday and check off what I’ve accomplished. My personal goal for the coming year —  give 5 hours of volunteer time to the animal shelters every month. My business goal is — build up my affiliate streams of income by creating a valuable website in the next 8-12 months.

Have perseverance

In 1973, my parents immigrated to the US from Hong Kong. With 3 kids in tow, they landed on American soil with uncertainty and hope. In Hong Kong, my Dad was a self-taught auto mechanic with a knack for fixing anything. When he came to the US, he landed a job with the Fiat company.

During his first few months there, he faced some intense discrimination. I didn’t know this until recently but when he first started, he had to endure racial slurs and unfair treatment. When job orders were available, the site managers would gave him very few jobs. In his field, if you had a car to fix, you made money. But no jobs meant no money. He struggled to make sense of it and almost gave up.

But he persevered. He had the determination to see it through, not for himself, but for his wife and his kids. We meant the world to him and that was his motivation.

Eventually, the general manager took a liking to my Dad and things started to look up. My Dad  worked his way up and became one of the top mechanics at the company.  He was recognized for his work ethic and became the go-to man for many jobs, thereafter. When the company was sold to Saab, my Dad was the only mechanic retained to work for the new ownership and after 43 years, he still clocks in occasionally and does his thing.

Because he persevered, he was able to put 4 kids through college. His perseverance was our key to success. And the end result for him was pride. Pride that could be seen on his face as we walked across the stage to receive our degree. Pride to know that he made it happen despite all the difficulties.

So on the days I want to just say “I’m done,” I think about my Dad.

Be a servant leader

I think this truly applies to someone who my sisters and I worked for during our high school days. His name was Bob and he managed a movie theater.

He lead not with an iron fist, but with respect and humor. When he had to discipline any employee, he never resorted to belittling or yelling at that person. What he did was unique ~ he was patient and kind and the kids responded to that so well.

He lead with others in mind. As he did, his employees reciprocated with the utmost consideration and initiative during their work shifts.

Throughout his career, this wonderful man was loved and respected by every kid who had worked under him. He was so loved that even the kids of past employees had the chance to work for Bob before he retired in 2015.

Here is couple of FB posts when he announced his retirement ~fb4


10 things successful people do


Possess great integrity

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” Enough said.

Relies on faith

Hebrews 11:1 — “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we cannot see.”

When I was 13, I got a part-time job assisting a lovey lady named, Myra. She was dependent on oxygen 24/7 because of lung disease and was confined to her home pretty much everyday. She was also unable to sit up for very long and was bed-ridden for most of her days.  Because Myra’s husband Ed wasn’t able to do much anymore either, I was hired to help with the cooking and cleaning after school.

As I attended to her each week, Myra and I developed a wonderful friendship. She was essentially the Grandma I never had. One day, I asked her if she was sad that she couldn’t go out and enjoy her life like other people. Was she bored just staying in bed all day long?

She answered,  “Honey, I have all I need. I know that it may seem like I have a sad life. But I know someday, I will be running a marathon in heaven and walking side by side with Jesus.” For the time I was with her, she didn’t complain about her situation nor did she feel sorry for herself. She just had a deep confidence that this too shall pass and her hope and assurance was her faith.

When she passed away, I naturally felt the loss. But my heart was comforted to know that her burden was lifted and she was running freely in heaven with Jesus cheering her on.

Fails and tries again

Failing is scary. No one really likes to fail. Yet, we have all failed at something during our life time. It totally sucks. In 2012, I opened a restaurant. I truly felt that it was going to be exceptionally successful and customers would be pouring in through the front doors. Granted, I never opened a restaurant before. I ate at a lot of restaurants but that didn’t make me a good restaurateur.

Well, I took loan against my house and poured a ton of money into building out the space. I truly believed my concept was the greatest thing on earth. But it didn’t take off. Tick tock went the clock. Business was dismal. Rent, food cost, payroll, taxes, supplies mounted up with little revenue to pay any of it.

The inevitable happened and I closed shop. It was the most stressful time of my life. I had to cut my losses.  I eventually had to cash out my 401k plan to repay the loan or lose the house.

I failed and wallowed in my misery for quite a while. I felt so low and completely defeated. So what to do now?

I didn’t give up. The entrepreneurial spirit continues to live in me. I can’t shake it. I’m compelled to build a business and I’m not going to give up. With my long term goals set in place, it’s going to happen.

I am trying again.

Be authentic

Authenticity attracts people. Phonies repel people. Whether we deal with people in our business life or in general, authentic people succeed in building trust and loyalty. Remember Bob, my favorite boss and everyone else’s as well? He was the epitome of authenticity. People were just drawn to his sense of humor, his kindness and his honesty. All his employees trusted him to be who he was and nothing else.

I especially like Wealthy Affiliate’s authenticity as well.  This is a unique characteristic that cannot be found on any other online business training site. The community itself is a genuine force that creates an environment conducive to success. When I signed on, I immediately notice that there was nothing phony about Wealthy Affiliate. (Click here to read my review.)

Be authentic, that’s all.

Be humble

I think it’s a travesty when humbleness is tossed to the curb once someone becomes successful. They start believing in their “own publicity.”

Truly successful people remembers their roots and shows gratitude for what they have.

Take time to rest

I’ve learned to let go and get zen. It’s been difficult because I’m a “gotta do this, gotta do that” kind of person. But I know the importance of just taking some time to get away from the hustle and bustle so I can just renew my mind and spirit.

I try to have an hour where I have a time of prayer and read a verse from the bible. Sometimes, I catch my mind wandering to work or my to-do list but I’ve made it a point to just rest and relax. There’s always tomorrow to do.

Inspires others

I’m still learning how to inspire others. But my Dad has this one in the bag. This man is my hero. He is 76 and recently retired. For 43 years, he worked and missed only one day of work. When he was needed to fill in for someone, he would do it without complaints.

When we were growing up, he made sure that we never lacked for anything. He made sacrifices and ensured that we had a good education and a decent chance in life.

He is a man of his word. If he says he is going to do something, he does it. He has never let us down, ever.

He is truly, my inspiration.

10 things successful people do

After writing about “10 things successful people do or should be doing in life and work,” I don’t disagree that money is an important part of success. But to me, it isn’t the heart of success.

Success to me is also defined by a person’s good character, integrity, authenticity and heart. When these are present, success has depth and meaning. It is rich and fruitful. It is dynamic and worthy. It is inspirational.

As you move along in your journey towards success, take it to heart and define what it means to you. If you have your success definition in mind, please leave a comment below and let me know. As always, I value your feedback.

I wish everyone the best and thank you for visiting Liberation 2035.


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10 Replies to “10 Things Successful People Do ~ Or Should Be Doing In Life And Work”

  1. Hello Cindy,

    WOW, You covered everything one could ever ask for or need to be Saved, Healthy, Wealthy and @ Peace with themselves and the World. I have Booked Marked a few fellow Wealthy Affiliates Websites but I must confess yours is my absolute favorite. I love EVERYTHING!

    Congratulations on a Job Well Done, I Pray that you stay Prayerful, Humble, and Wise as I know without a doubt that you will. To Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, I Pray that Blesses are Forever Bestowed UpOn You. Your Days Too Numerous To Count, Your Path Always Shown And That You Shall Dwell In The House Of The LORD Forever And Ever!

    To God Give The Glory;
    Praise His Holy Name;
    Your Brother In Christ
    William L. Gordon

    1. William,
      I am so humbled by your comment. I really am! Our Lord is awesome, isn’t He? The people He has placed in my life have been such a blessing! I really felt His presence when I was writing this and I’m truly grateful that the words will somehow resonate with others. Thank you my brother in Christ. Your strong faith and walk with our Lord Jesus Christ shows tremendously! May He bless YOU always and continued success with your endeavors! Blessings to you ~ Cindy

  2. Pretty good points you have here. It’s important to have some of these qualities at least. I know I need to work on getting more rest but not always easy when I can’t fall asleep well at night. However, I do help others often and hope I inspire others as well. Thanks for this, I will keep it for future reference on things to work on.

    1. Hey Grace,
      Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I enjoyed writing it and brought back some deep memories. I enjoy writing about non-business related topics more than business and writing about things that are close to my heart is nice.
      I hope you continue to help others often – I’m sure they have found a lot of value in your experience!


  3. This is an excellent article and it resonates loud and clear with me as I can identify with so much of what you have written. Your point on integrity is perfect. Without it, none of your other qualities matter. I bought a number of books many years ago from the late great Zig Ziglar and in one of them he wrote “You Sean will get everything you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” It demonstrates nicely your point of being a servant leader.

    1. Hello Sean,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I so agree that helping others can give us great returns in the long-term. It really matters, doesn’t it? Sometimes in the world of business especially, we tend to forget that making money is only a component of our success, but how we treat people leaves a lasting impression on our employees, employers and customers. For me, I try to be cognizance about my actions everyday. Sometimes it’s difficult, especially when things are stressful or if we had a bad day, right?

      The quote you included is powerful! I have not read too much by Zigzag Ziglar, but it sounds like he has made a positive impact on you. Very nice! What a great reminder for us all!

      Thank you again Sean, for taking a moment to give me your thoughts! Much success to you in all that you pursue! Blessings, Cindy

  4. Going back to where you started your excellent post regarding setting goals is one of the most powerful solutions I have regarding blogging. I have never set goals before until I was shown the benefits.
    Nowadays I have monthly and weekly goals set and break the weekly down into daily goals. I won’t finish a day until I’ve achieved what I set out to accomplish.
    It’s amazing how much you achieve in such a short space of time.
    Do you do something similar?
    Great post,

    1. Hi Simon,
      I so agree about goals. Without them, I would not get anything accomplished. I like seeing my plans and know where I’m headed. It’s just like a map – I follow it and it gets me to my destination. Yes, breaking my goals up by daily, weekly and monthly helps me to stay focused. I don’t get overwhelmed and goals are much more achievable, don’t you think? I’m thrilled that you have a system down and I bet it’s going to help you accomplish so much each day! I’ll let you get back to work now!
      I always wish you the best in everything and thank you so much for taking the time to give me your insights. It is much appreciated!


  5. I know the expression is “Oh my lands!”, but I’m going to change that to “Oh my lens!” (I wear glasses… lol). WOW! That was one awesome post!!! You got me moved with emotion there! I’m still blinking back tears. It’s so good, I’m going to share it on my FB as well. I hope I can write as good as you. Everything about that article was great. Great looking site, great spacing, great grammar, spelling and thought flow. WOW. You are going to be successful! And yes, I feel the same way about Wealthy Affiliate as you! Thank you for this wonderful article! =)

    1. Hi Charienna,
      Thank you so much for your very kind words! I wear glasses as well, so when I get all teared up, I’m kind of a hot mess! Lol! I am just touched that my post resonated with you. I try to write from the heart and just writing this one made me feel a little emotional. To say the least, I have some very great influences in my life! They humble me. And thank you for sharing it on FB! Gosh, that means the world to me!

      I think that everyone has the capability to write well. I like to just tell my experiences and life stories. I’m certain you have some wonderful stories to share with others as well. You can do it!

      Again, thank you for taking the time to visit. I wish you much success as well Charienna (what a beautiful name). Keep in touch with me. Blessings to you! Cindy

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